Let’s give them something to THINK about!

Tears and barnacles, barnacles and tears.
What does that even mean?  I know, the title makes no sense.
But you know what does make sense? To #justshowup.
Why you ask (or maybe the person you are trying to recruit may say)? Well I will give you plenty of reasons.
(Yes, I know, I am talking to myself).

1) You will feel better!  There are plenty of feel good hormones released when we exercise; endorphins, enkephalins and adrenaline.  This will provide you with more energy throughout the day.  And save you money from buying coffee!
2) Your mind will be clear, more happy and not filled with regret aka FOMO (for this generation).  Exercise and hugs decrease stress levels and promote an overall feeling of well being.  Surprisingly enough I think this is proof that November Project can possibly get you a promotion at work or possibly a ring on your finger from that special someone.
3) Just because you CAN!  Never take this for granted!  Life happens, injuries happens, work happens, children are born, parents get old, things we can’t control happen.  Get up and get moving simply because you CAN.  Andddd because it’s fun, good for you, ect, ect…
4) Lastly because YOU make a difference!  You may not realize it, but YOU are the reason we all #justshowup and YOU may have more of an impact on other tribe members then you realize.  As stated above things happen to us all, so that smile, an embrace, the encouraging words you give or even just a shared struggle while climbing a hill might be just what someone needed that day.

This tribe is more then a workout group.  We are a family, a support system, a judge-free zone, a place to start your day off right, a place to set goals, a place to find people to help you reach those goals, a place where your dreams come true! (Did I take it too far on the last one? Yup, I think so).

I love you all.

The end.

So today was good as well.  We did our normal awesome shit.   Ran stairs, trails and hills.  We did jumps pretending to be stationary,  we did too many burpees, and did akward partner exercises.  This shit is always good.

Sappy notes:
– Every Monday in March will be at Hill st in Sunset cliffs 629am
– Every Wednesday is at Balboa Park 629am

– Thank you all for taking photos!  #Novemberprojectsd

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