NP Canada Summits (YEG)

Note to self…when your NP stencil is being used to tag throughout the morning stair workout, put the stencil and bag of spray paint in your trunk instead of inside your car when you go directly to physio…otherwise the fumes that are build up in your car will exacerbate the faint/light headed/woozy feeling you already have from submitting your achilles to torture.

Note to others…when your at an NP workout and doing pushups, situps and burpees at the top of the hills make sure you do up your zipper…not that you were flashing anyone – your fly wasn’t down…we’d tell you if it was (we’re kind that way) but those pocket zippers, those ones that you put your car fobs in. This will be especially important once the snow falls because it is really hard to find keys once that happens…ask one of your Friday babysitters about that!

Ok…now that I’ve gotten those two notes out of the way and I can reassure everyone that in spite of feeling faint/light headed/woozy, I was able to make it home from stairs and physio and am safely at work and using my “coffee break” to write this blog post. Also on my list for today…hit the drug store at lunch to pick up some final things for this trip I heading on tomorrow, finish my 3 day week at work, go home and pack for the aforementioned trip, hang out with my boys before I abandon them (although I am certain their weekend of unlimited Destiny gaming will make the airport farewell less emotional), probably throw a few more last minute items in my larger-then-initially-planned-to-bring bag that I have to check since I have been sent with items that would not clear security as carry on (thanks bro!), eat some popcorn, and then sleep. All-in-all pretty good day I say but one that won’t compare to the next 4 that will be a complete whirlwind of excitement, community, energy, positivity, fierceness and speed.

NPSummit here comes NPCanada!!

For all of you who are heading down to Park City  don’t forget to document your adventure…you could possible be famous! Check this out

For all of you who are unable to join us for the Summit…no worries…you’ll be summitting Walterdale Hill with Trent and Manon under the watchful eyes of Tyler. for all on Friday!!


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