San Diego’s Obsession: Angelo’s Abs (SD)

We took to Balboa Park like every other Wednesday. Little did we know about the roller coaster of emotion we were about to embark on.

Starting with attention jacks that were louder (and more uniform) than the Navy’s right across the plaza, we immediately started feeling pretty good about ourselves. We moved next to compliment squats where our self esteem and egos skyrocketed as our partners said nice things about us. Let’s treat this like being at the top of the first major climb on any good roller coaster. The epic descent was soon to follow.

Angelo had a badass tabata planned to start the workout: pushups, dips, box jumps, and toe taps all around the edge of the fountain. For 12 minutes. Those egos we just stroked? Definitely cut back down to size.

But not to fear, like any good amusement park ride, its not all about the ups and downs, sometimes there are some fun rollers. I think the running portion of the workout falls in to that category. Back to feeling pretty good.

But then… the finisher. In an attempt to take all of the attention off of his abs and on to ours, Angelo left us with 5 minutes of ab work as a burnout. And boy did it burn. But here’s the thing: I just checked, and I still don’t have abs like his.

Not to fear, we all went home on a high. Because the best part of the NP Roller Coaster is that no matter the workout, no matter how hard it is, no matter how much you sweat, no matter how much of Cade’s ass you are subjected to, the group, the community, and the people leave you heading home flying high.

So put your arms up and enjoy the ride San Diego!


– Last #MayhemMonday Back to School edition takes place at Crown Point Park playground.

– Heading out to Utah this weekend? Rock on! Staying home in San Diego this weekend? Let the FOMO sink in. And then sign up for #ECSCA in San Francisco in December so you don’t miss out on any more fun.

– #NPyoga this Friday is CANCELLED. Starting in October, yoga will be happening every Friday from 7-8AM at Practical Karate on Morena Blvd. NP Price is $10 per class and the last class of each month is donation. So you can still get your #NPyoga on, just indoors and with a shower now!

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