#SummitWeek Part 2

Here we are on Wednesday and in Boston we fucking crushed a whole lotta stairs this morning.  It’s realll simple: You summit a certain number of sections, you have summited amazing natural and man-made heights of impressive stature.  Some have more mountainous “prominence” than others, but all are worthy of our free fitness climbing this morning.  We asked you to set a goal number of sections to climb and then if you reached it, you got to see the peak/pinnacle that you had summited.  Just to review, if you climbed:

1 section: you reached the top of Bojan’s attic in Brighton, MA

2 sections: you reached a face on Mt. Rushmore in somewhere, SD

10 sections: you reached the tip of the Pyramid of Khrafe in Egypt

19 sections: you reached the top of the Bunker Hill Monument mounted on top of the Seattle Space Needle, which exists only in our weird little minds.

37 sections: you reached the top of Blueberry Mountain in Maine, USA

40 sections: you reached the top of Gwanggyosan (???) in Gyeonggi, South Korea.

50 sections: you climbed to the toe of the Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio.

TRACK YOUR WORKOUT my friends.  It’s cool, it’s easy.  All the kids are doing it.

Impressive shit you guys.  Next week is PR week–#raceeverything–Last Wednesday of the Month…so hopefully today got you as ready as you can be to race your ass off and set some new records for yourself.  All I want to say about this morning was it was really fun.  We had the largest newbie group of the entire year today.  Did you hear that??  THE LARGEST NEWBIE GROUP OF THE YEAR!  #TheTribeIsStrong and it is growing.  Keep recruiting and share the wonderful, weird, fun, free fitness love.

SO MUCH TO SHARE! There are also so many things to discuss, I’m gonna have to go Bullet-style on your asses.  Watch out, dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge, because here come the bullets:

  • Dooster. It’s #NPSummit week and y’all are getting ready to go to NP_Summit 3.0 or NP_BOS Summit Free.0.  Dooster wants your film, your view, your perspective on getting ready for and getting TO Summit.  Read more here, and definitely share your footage directly here.  Don’t hesitate and say “I’m not a filmmaker.”  That’s 100% bullshit.  You have eyes, experiences, and a smartphone or camera.  Take film & share it.
  • Friday Co-leaders. The team #EmCsquared will all be in Utah for the Summit, so Friday’s workout will be led by two super amazing, strong, fierce, and fun women.  They have names.  Their names are Erica and Shira.  They also have matching #GrassrootsGear.  They look like this.  #JustShowUp Friday for the most EPIC conclusion of #SummitWeek, with a Summit of Summit (Ave.).  Or, as the Friday “babysitter” co-leaders call it: Summit Free.0

baby sitters

  • #GrassrootsGear.  People always ask me, “how do you get those spray painted shirts?”  My answer is very simple: SHOW UP next week.  It’s the last Wednesday of the Month, so bring your non-black, un-tagged shirts to the bleachers above section 37 before the workout and our amazing #PaintCrew will tag your shit.  You will pick it up afterwards and say thank you to the PaintCrew.  You’ve been notified.

#PaintCrew volunteers, please message me (Emily) to let me know you want to help out and for which workout.

  • 02X Race NP Team. O2x (as in OHHHHHH-2x) Summit Challenge is a gritty, natural, and professionally designed mountain race. The trail incorporates natural challenges such as riverbeds, ravines, rockfaces, and glacial caves (that’s some serious business right there) This uniquely rugged base-to-peak trail run covers 5+ miles with about 2,000 ft of net vertical gain.  November Project is rounding up a crew (that’s YOU right now) to race. Let’s show everyone what #WorldTakeover looks like and take the podium!  Wear your grassroots gear, bring your loud outdoor voices and your #raceeverything mentality!
NP members get a 20% discount using the code: NPBOSTON.
MAKE SURE TO SIGN UP UNDER THE NOVEMBER PROJECT TEAMYou’ll need to use password: NOVPROJ to join the NP Team
530 group photo
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