NP Canada Continues (YEG)

It’s hard to believe that’s it’s been less than one week since we’ve been presented with some pretty major detours to navigate. With changes to NP as we’ve known it, work situations, family situations, and the overall global situation – we’ve had to shift dramatically from what we’ve ever known. However, during this time of uncertainty, some things will always remain the same and, while challenged, our strengths will emerge.

For me, NP_CONTINUES has provided me with strength during the heaviness of the last couple of days at school. Seeing Christa’s birthday BOOM comments on the NP Canada Social FB group today made my heart smile. Joining Lazina and others for Monday’s deck workout made heading into my new school reality a little easier – yup, Jen’s still gotta go to work! 😉 Seeing all of your posts about how you’ve continued moving and connecting in a new way lightens the load – thank you!

Our resiliency is inspiring. It’s been cool to see people find new ways to connect, workout, and create community spaces. There have been doughnut anti-miles (congrats to the winner…moi!), to Sunday coffee chats, virtual workouts, virtual traverbal workouts, facetime calls, google hangouts, and the list goes on. It will probably always feel awkward to reply “F*&k Yeah” to a computer screen while solo in your living room but I am so grateful that there are others, also in their living rooms feeling awkward with me.

As you make your way through this time please know that your community is here for you. Here is a list of ways you can engage and perhaps you want to create something also. Please feel free to invite others through the NP Canada Social FB page.

Upcoming Ways to Connect

  • NP Canada #NP_Continues Workouts on Mondays and Fridays – posted on twitter and IG stories
    • Lazina will be hosting a ZOOM meeting Monday morning if people want to do Monday’s workout with some company. Here’s the link
  • NP Global #NP_Continues Workouts on Wednesdays – posted by November Project and by NP Canada
  • NP Virtual Traverbal Workouts – Here’s a link to the virtual workout calendar
  • Sunday Coffee Chats – Join Nadim as he hosts a virtual Sunday coffee chat at 8:30 am (I’ll be there too!) Here is the link to the ZOOM meeting for the coffee chat
  • The three of us leaders will take turns sharing a blog post each Wednesday as a way to connect with everyone

As always, we are stronger when we work together. Together just looks a little different these days. Let’s continue to look after one another by reaching out and checking in on each other. Join or create a space to connect, it’s so great to see friendly faces! I miss you all and as I have been saying to my students and families the last two days…”I’ll see you when I see you…”

Until next time…SMILE! J

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