NP and me – Guest blog [MTL]

Guest Blog by Jacob Grover

Yesterday evening NP and lululemon co-hosted a run in Montreal visiting all different murals throughout the city. Someone I just met asked me how long I have been a part of November Project. I smiled at them and knew the answer right away: “Since the beginning”. That is the beginning of the Montreal tribe beginning as Project Sweat Montreal and later evolving into the beautiful NP Montreal. I thought back to all the people I’ve met, hugged, highfived, sweat with, ran with, burpeed with. I couldn’t help but smile at what a weird group of people I am a part of.

I thought back to the numerous times I have spoken to friends, family, and strangers about this fitness movement. To the times I visited different cities and bounced with complete strangers but felt so at home. The times where the mornings were dark and frigid, others that were sunny and warm. The smiles people have at 6:29am EVERY SINGLE Wednesday morning!

I cannot begin to explain how epic the community of NPers in Montreal and Worldwide alike are. I go to bed every Tuesday night looking forward to my alarm going off kicking my ass out of bed to show up. I am always excited and impatient to see the new people (and pets) I am going to meet.

This past month was extra special. I was co-leading NP and it has been one of my favourite experiences! Not only did I get to hurt during the workouts, but I was directly responsible for planning them. I was able to contribute to the community in a way I only every dreamed of when I took part in my first bounce in LA in June of 2016. Today in particular I got to say a few words that have echoed in my mind for a while now: “let’s get a little bounce”. Words that I have heard said many time but never truly yelled to my favourite tribe.

I love November Project and all that it has given me. I hope that everyone can feel even the slightest bit of joy I get each time the words November Project come to mind. I love each and every member who has shown up once, twice, or many times.

Nothing I can say will really do the tribe justice but Thank you! Thank you for everything and everyone. Every individual, each workout makes my life and that of others so much better just by being there with the incredible smile on your face. It is not so easy to show gratitude to something you might take for granted. However, today I will not let that opportunity slip away. I must say once more: THANK YOU!!

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