New Sheriff in Town (NPSF)

Thank you to everyone who came out this morning for NPSF’s 5th Birthday! It was fun, weird, amazing, and a damn good workout (so I heard). As my first post I was planning to talk a bit about my history with November Project; however, I think today calls for something different.

We all live in an amazing city and we’re all fortunate enough to see its awesomeness and explore its beauty. With all its beauty though comes its many issues: homelessness, mental health, gentrification, etc. Lindsey Bolt said it best, “perspective”. We have created and continue to grow this awesome community full of awesome people who support each other through the tough times and the great times, but there are still so many people in SF and around the world that don’t have a community like this. We need to spread this awesomeness, show as many people as we can the power of community.

I’m excited and humbled to take on a bigger role in growing and spreading this joy. NP has given me so much over the years and has really changed my life in so many positive ways. So here’s to the next 5 years NPSF! Let’s bring this awesome thing to as many people as we can! Let’s change lives, make friends, get fit, and have a fucking blast while we do it!

I’ll leave y’all with a video that still brings me to tears every time and will resonate with me forever. “This. Shit. Is. Good!”

See you tonight for our 5th birthday Happy Hour. Alamo Square from 6PM. Followed by drinks at Waziema. And then meeting at Batteries to Bluffs for Paddy’s final workout this Friday. 6:30AM.


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