November Project (New Orleans) Can’t Be Stopped by Will Leadershipman



With our third week of being the official 16th city to join in the November Project Movement, we had a great group. Of course the weather man tried as hard as he could to scare us with prognostications of lighting and torrential downpours. But in the end, as usual, the weatherman was off the mark and we could not have asked for a better day.

After introductions and a warm up, and an energetic rendition of Happy Birthday for Preston, we hit the stairs. After the stairs we moved on to a team planking relay, where tribe members jump over other members and snake their way across Champion Square and back again. Sticking with the relay theme, the tribe then had a team relay consisting of running the stairs, burpees, and air squats. All in all, it was a tough day…That was not quite over. After the group pictures, the Tribe did 4 sprints across Champions Square as a buyout of the workout and wrapped up the day.

We are extremely excited about the growth that November Project NO has seen over the last 2 weeks. Today we had 44.5 people (yep, the baby made back to back weeks) show up. We look forward to doubling that number in the next few weeks.

This week, we also gave out our Spirit/Kate Gilly/Ass Kicking stick award for the month of April. This month’s winner is Ashley Morgan, AKA “Alma”. Ashley is a tireless member of the New Orleans tribe since the inception and has aggressively pushed the awareness through her social media efforts. Ashley, you deserve this and thank you for all that you do!



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