#WakeUpNaptown (IND)

PR Day was …

  1. Run around the block
  2. 50 sit-ups
  3. Stair Cycle
  4. 50 push-ups
  5. Stair Cycle
  6. 50 mountain climbers
  7. Stair Cycle
  8. 25 burpees
  9. Run around the block

It was not easy. But that’s the point. Great effort today! Boom!

#NP_Homework: Have your picture taken wearing #GrassrootsGear (tagged shirt), while suspended in the air! Think jumping/flying!


Post on NP Indy’s Facebook wall NO LATER than 6:30AM on WED MAY 7. You have 7 days to complete the assignment. ALL 16 tribes are submitting photos! Our tribe and the rest of the NP world will vote on the best photo. VOTES = LIKES on facebook!!! Voting lasts until Friday May 9th at sundown.  Each city’s BEST PHOTO will be sent to the mothership. Best city photos will be put in an album and voting continues. Overall “most liked” photo wins!

For those who missed out today…We missed you. #FIMO.

Need gear tagged and/or your picture taken? SUNDAY 9AM NORTH stairs War Memorial, #NP_Homework together. Visitor from Boston’s tribe!

Good luck to all those running the Mini Marathon Saturday! See you at Mile 9!

ATTENTION: the next sentence is important: Starting in May (next week) we are starting at 6:15AM.


Wednesday 6:15AM Indiana War Memorial NORTH stairs



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