No Pumpkins Were Harmed in the Making of This Workout (LAX)

That’s right. The Annual Pumpkin Workout was back in full force this morning and we are proud to say that there were no casualties to any pumpkins. As for tribemembers trying to catch flying gourds…we can’t answer that.

I think we could easily say that this morning was fucking epic as hell. Starting off with the circle of pumpkins for our bounce to find a friend and begin pumpkin tossing the weight of a 3 month year old baby was probably one of the safer things we’ve done. Screw safety because that piggy back ride was fucking hilarious. You all trooped through the sand not letting that precious cargo, no not you, fall to the ground.


Our Pumpkin Tabata was turning up something inside that we could have probably made some pumpkin pie with all the ridiculousness and scrambling back and forth.

And yes! How about that relay!? Unfortunately Travis the Pumpkin didn’t come in first but he still podiumed. You trekked under that pier and looked oh so sexy with that Pumpkin between your legs. Specially you Kurt with that wart one.


The willingness you guys have to just dive in is phenomenal. You all deserve to be here and you make any mundane Friday suddenly special and a memory. Let’s keep making memories. (SAP)



WEDNESDAY– Costume Contest- THEME: ROBOTS. Whip out those boxes, the silver paint, aluminum foil and let’s get beep boppy!

BETTER THAN BEDTIME– NOVEMBER 8th SUNDAY, 5-onwards. Safe the date. More info to come soon!

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