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So much news for the Tribe.  #TheTribeIsNewsy.  Sit down, pay attention, and maybe get a utensil for writing so you can take some notes because what’s about to drop is fucking note-worthy.

This might be like trying to hang on the heels of Ildi Gaal or Loren Newman in the stadium, but here we go…in order of importance, no–alphabetical order.  Wait, order of things I remember.  Shit, it’s happening in chronological order.


  • Was really damn fun.
  • We ran Full Hills + Stair Spice (Record your hill + stair reps in the NP tracker…all the kids are doing it.)
  • Birthday kids #steamrolled the entire tribe for one of the weirder bday celebrations we’ve done.  Thank goodness for those liability waivers!
  • We took a group photo that y’all should tag your faces in.  Get that photo flowing in your newsfeed, so’s all your friends and your “friends” get curious and #JustShowUp too.  They should because next week will be pretty amazing.  Possibly epic but definitely dope.


  • Will be on BU’s campus (see tracker for exact location and to #verbal).  That’s “Boston University,” for those out-of-towners. So if you went to BU, currently go to BU, are thinking about going to BU, have ever driven by BU and seen students on the sidewalks, or ever talk to other human being and you can utter the words “monday” and “Boston University,” then #RecruitEVERYONE and spread the damn word that November Project is coming to the Beach.
  • That’s right, the “Beach” as BUians call it.  So come on Monday and wear your beach clothes.  Maybe by themselves.  Maybe over your warmer (late October) clothes, but dress it up for Monday.  The group photo will be so weird.
  • We’re also paying homage to the original “Destination Deck” on Monday, so bring a deck of cards.  You’ll need it.


  • Be ready to race your ass off.  It’s the monthly throw down of badassery where we race ourselves and our previous fastest time for completing a “full tour” of 37 sections, or by completing the most sections you’ve ever done in the workout time limit.  It’s a benchmark workout and they’re critical to knowing we’re getting faster, fitter, and more awesome as human beings.
  • There will be #GrassrootsGear tagging, so bring your DRY, non-black clothes to the bleachers above section 36 for the amazing #paintcrew to tag while you’re working out.  Show up at 5:25 and 6:25 so you can get your shit up there and get yourself back to the bottom row to bounce at 5:30 and 6:30.
  • If you want to donate paint–bring flat black spray paint and give it to the #paintcrew.
  • If you want to volunteer in the #paintcrew, message me (Emily) asap and tell me which session you plan to paint & which you’ll workout.


  • The real day is Saturday, but we never need an excuse to dress up in costume so…get your thinking caps on…the topic is FOOD–tawk amongst yourselves!
  • Be your favorite food, wear the shit you like to eat.  Find edible clothes (they really exist, you just might not want to run in these). You can go oh la la like Gaga’s bacon dress, or be a pea with your bestie in a pod.  Your call.  ANYTHING food.
  • There will be a real workout.
  • There will be prizes for winning costumes.
  • There will be no guidance for what #WinningCostumes means.


  • This is a kickass event coming very soon. You will be there because there’s really no where else you want to be.
  • Read more about the entire event — that every single #Iron26 November Project tribe will be taking part in on the same exact day — from our fearless (and totally weird) founder BG.
  • The larger concept for BTB is “Black & White” but each Tribe will create our own Tribe theme under that “B&W” concept.
  • Stay tuned for the reveal of the #NP_BOS #BetterThanBedtime theme.  It’ll be it’s own # and it’ll be fucking awe-inspiring & wondrous–Molly Blumberg, that’s for you–I was just gonna say “awesome”)


#WeekendEarned.  Now go make costumes.

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