No Excuse.

There is something about waking up every Wednesday. I know for myself it feels like Christmas morning. No exaggeration. This morning I was up before the clock and already knew it was going to be a good day.

We all gathered outside the bowl, smiles on our faces our feet ready to move. Upon starting we had a little high school reunion between two fellas, Angel and John, who haven’t seen each other since their teenage years. It was John’s first day. He found out just through the feed on Angel’s Facebook to just show up. Today is also John’s birthday. First day. First day celebrating his birthday with November Project. Not the last day working out with November Project. We want to give you a huge FUCK YEAH for coming your first time on your Birthday. You don’t let anything get in your way. You let there be no excuses.

We too often can break commitments. I have learned that LA is a town of excuses. “There was traffic” or “Ah, that’s too far” I have heard too many times. I understand with the hecticness that we over book ourselves or need to take a rare raincheck, a weatherproof one at that. But we make commitments and we stick to them. We want to be reliable and genuine. We can test ourselves, leaving no excuse for trying our hardest. I see it in so many of you. You push yourselves daily to your capabilities and are starting to truly understand what it means when you dig deep and bite into that reserve buried down deep. We all know that so many voices can tell you “No you can’t” “You’re not a runner” “You’re not fast enough” but have you every listen to the voice that says “Fuck it!” or “Why not at least try”? I see it happening every Wednesday where people are challenging themselves and pushing to try as hard as you can within the one hour we have out of a week. Which if you were curious is 168 hours. That’s right, out of 168 hours we only get one to meet as a tribe. So why not test yourself? Why not show up and make it worth it?

Even bus benches are happy.
Even bus benches are happy.

Do not let excuses get in your way. We have a tribe member who is asthmatic, she is a real wonder and though there are limitations she pushes herself and experiments with her unique bodies capabilties. The climate change from Boston to Los Angeles has set off attacks more than usual but she still gets up at 6 in the morning to test herself and be with the tribe. She has the choice to either give up or to keep trying. She chooses to kick asthma in the ass. She owns it and will not give up. She could easily let her asthma be an excuse but, she decide to listen to the little voice that is often unheard, the one deep down hidden amongst all the “nos” and “cants”, the one that says “I can”.  We are not in this crazy thing called life to take it easy but, to tackle and experience everything and anything. We make decisions everyday, some easier than others, small or big. Often we choose to cop out and take the simplest or least painstaking route. Rather than taking the flat road take the hills, better yet, the mountain. The Sound of Music is right. Climb every mountain.

Each time you push yourself you hit a new breaking point. You gain more power and your level of tolerence excels. There is no way to push that tolerance with out testing it. You are a scientest experimenting with your own capabilities and strength in life and in endurance. We are not just about working out. We challenge ourself to step out our comfort zones by hugging a new someone we’ve never met or holding that plank an extra 15 seconds longer. We are building up character and and throwing excuses our the window ever 1/168 so we can apply it to the 167/168.


You can run a marathon and still work out with the tribe afterwards. You can run even if you’re asthmatic. You can show up and workout with the tribe even if it is your first day and it is your birthday. You can do anything!

Thank you for all of those that brought boxes for the recruiting event this Saturday. We are so pumped to have our first event outside of our usual Wednesday workout. Saturday we will meet at Runyon Canyon at Noon, we will have a great hike and from there run to a secret bar. Sunday at 8:30am we will meet at the Hollywood Farmers Market and recruit more racers. Anyone and everyone can come. Bring your friends  and family that have those sleepy eyes Wednesday mornings.

We love you all. The tribe is in full fury!

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