Cracking 50 + Life Events (NYC)

Today, the NYC Tribe was still feeding off of the energy from Boston. It was so great to have so many NP folks celebrating and hugging all weekend long.  From Friday’s Summit Ave workout, to the B’s Runner’s World Talk at the Expo, to the epic Mile 18 NP Water Stop–unreal!

It was so great to see five Boston Marathoners show up this morning to show support of the group while getting some work in along with many the high five (Alison even brought her mom and aunt–a first for the NYC Tribe). We kept the workout fairly basic. We broke the group down into chicas and chicos and sent them in opposite directions on the Shamrock Grotto Loop.  After each loop, we crushed 5 burpees and repeated for 30 minutes. We reversed the direction at the half way mark. The group was so jazzed up that we didn’t even need any music–we all just used our heartbeats and the slaps of our high fives to keep our rhythm.

We Are Family–and our family is growing.  We cracked 50! We also made special note of some key life events.  First we sang Alyssa (from Westchester) a mean rendition of Happy Birthday and had her give us her best breakdance move (The Running Man). Secondly, we gave Steve (who runs all the way from Brooklyn!) a big shout out for getting engaged last week. I guess we will forgive him for missing the last workout due to being out of the country to get engaged.


Congrats to Steve and the future Mrs. Steve.


Jazz Hands (or hand if you’re Ethan)!


Our second Positivity Award was given to our stalwart from Strong Island, Kathy.  Kathy has been with us since our second pledge week. Kathy, you’re our hero.

Bring your gear next Wednesday to be grassrooted (weather permitting)–we’ll be heading over to the 103rd St Bridge to get our sweat on!

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