Another Amazing Wednesday is in the Books (NOLA & BOS)


What a way to start out Wednesday…. November Project New Orleans really felt the love this morning from everyone who showed up…biggest group to date. We were so happy to have members from NP Boston, Philly, and San Diego join us today. But in the end, every one of us who showed up was put to shame.

Will got his introduction and a few announcements out of the way and then sent us for the stairs. While running the stairs, I noticed a late arrival join the group with something strapped to her. Upon closer inspection, I realized she had her 18 month old daughter strapped to her in a Baby Bjorn Hangover style. I can’t forget to mention that she was DOMINATING the stairs. At that moment, we knew we were looking at the future of November Project New Orleans.
Not only did Sarah prove that New Orleansians really do show up no matter what the circumstances are, she has challenged Cameron to try to get his two kids up one morning…If that happens, that will make for a very interesting morning. We hope to see baby Josie and all the new faces that came today next week! I challenge everyone to bring one new face next week…Wednesday 6 am Champion Square….JUST SHOW UP!


P.S- Best of luck to Mario on his Cycle Zydeco weekend. Trish, watch out for the crawfish pies at Jazz Fest!



Hotness, sweatiness, humidity, ah how we missed thee! I’m sure we’ll be bitching about your sticky, gross ways in about month or so, but this morning you felt just right.

It was nice to see all the marathoners who instead of laying in their beds and licking their wounds decided to limp out to lower Allston and celebrate their accomplishment with rest of the tribe. Your orange jackets were a nice addition to the neon galore covering the concrete steps this morning.

DJ Phoenix, thanks for keeping us and the whole Harvard football team fired up with your lineup of jams.

To the Crimson Football coaching staff, we appreciate your hospitality during the last few weeks and we wish you all the best in the upcoming season.

To our friends that came out of town and are going back to their homes away from Boston, we love every single one of you and we wish you safe travels and soon returns.

To our newbies, we hope to see you again. To our regulars, keep bringing more newbies. And to our friend Bobbie from NP_IND that reads every BOS post trying to figure out what the workout was, we put 40 minutes on the clock to see how many sections we can run. To the rest of the world – happy Wednesday!


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One Reply to “Another Amazing Wednesday is in the Books (NOLA & BOS)”

  1. Niiiiiiiice. #doingmyhomework.
    P.S. I have been dreaming about the steps at Harvard Stadium, for real, not gonna lie, like every night. My heart misses them/you/your tribe and my legs want more!

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