Hut Hut (MSP)

The workout went down like this: Preparation lap, get the giggles flowing early. Following the lap, we found a stray football. The football quickly became ours. Everyone got at least one good chuck in, but the ball carrier of the day has got to go to Broshat. Well done Broshat. We then took the ball and our bodies on a short, unknown journey across the U-o-M campus. The journey finished atop a set of switchbacking staircases that bottom out waaaaay down below. That’s where our tribe got their money’s worth this morning. Stairs and Hills look easier from the top. FACT.

DCIM100MEDIAOn the stairs we set up a ladder type course. First time down, all the way, then all the way back up. Second time down, all the way down minus the bottom flight, then back up. Third, all the way down minus the last two, and so on. The first to finish got the honor of claiming the football at the top. That honor went to Henry today who let out a huge “HUT, HUT, HIKE” summoning us all back to the top. 25 total minutes on stairs today! We then wrapped up back at Coffman with a core circuit.

Shorts outnumbered tights today. Spring is a real thing!! Join us next Wednesday Morning for a new workout and homework.


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