Ciabatta? This ain’t no breakfast club

Izumi Tabata, Uzumi Tabta, Wezumi some Tabatas!

Today the tribe moved as one. In complete synchrony we sprinted, hoisteed, burpeed, plank hopped and sat-up high-fived. We were one good looking unit. That’s what it’s come to, we’ve all become the same freaking person. You can thank Izumi Tabata for that one. That’s right, he’s pretty much the Patches O’Hoolihan of Tabata workouts. I wish I could tell you that Tabatas were originally designed in the depths of a Chinese opium den and were used to torture the snack guy when he showed up late…but that might be stretching the truth…Dr. Izumi was Japanese.

So what happens when your tribe leaders discover an entire production company dedicated to making Tabata music?! That answer is obvious: We get some speakers and do shit ton of Tabatas! I think we may have reached a new level of tribedom today. Not only will you guys actually listen to the crazy shit that WE tell you to do, now we can put on an instructional song, and BAM there you all go! It was magical. I’m still giddy from the combination of love, adrenaline, lactic acid and pure power.

Your final mission for this interval based, high intensity Wednesday: Go tag our city! We’ve given you enough sidewalk chalk to pacify a cruise ship full of toddlers – so use it well! We’ll save the spray paint for our Tshirts, but it’s okay to feel like you’re living dangerously when you scribble that neon calcium carbonate all over the streets of SD!

Big things in the works for this summer – keep yo eyes and ears open!
As Always:
Be Happy. Be Strong. Be Bright SD!

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