Calendar Shows it is not the Last Wednesday of the Month (DEN)


This blog is coming to you Wisconsin notes style:

-According to the calendar, it is not PR wednesday (last Wednesday of the month). This was news.

-We DID NOT: race PRs (see above bullet point for reasoning)

-WE DID: run steps, squat jump up steps, burpees, leg tosses and grassy races embellished with goose poop

-Newbies came out strong

-There were lots of broken verbals. Don’t apologize to me, broken verbalers, apologize to yourselves. But, yes, we did miss you.

-Dennis got dubbed by Babe with the #positivityaward

-Odie the giant puppy had the best morning of his life to date

-Someone I met on an airplane yesterday showed up. This goes to show that you can and should #RecruitEveryone and #RecruitEverywhere

-It was the first Wednesday workout of the #CCMoves campaign

-We are excited to have our marathoners (Lt Dan, Country Grammar, and Nick) back with us this Friday

-FRIDAY 6:15am at Governor’s Park, everybody should #JustShowUp

-I think that covers it

xoxo Molly



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