New Mondays

So let’s just say that this was the last Monday of the year and there will be a whole new year of Mondays coming, starting next week.  And in that year, there will be exactly 52 new opportunities to make Mondays work for you.

And let’s also just look at this thing called November Project.  It’s a grassroots free fitness movement.  Did you show up to Monday Destination Deck today?  Lots of you did and lots of you didn’t.  I know, I know…there are lots of reasons you don’t go to Mondays.  Forget for a hot second that anyone might judge you for not coming to Monday workouts, just figure out if you’re a Monday kid or not.  If you were there today you know that some days you’re going to do a bazillion burpees, other days you’ll be sprinting your ass off, and still other days you’ll end up doing something you never thought was fitness.  No matter what, there’s something good about Mondays.  Maybe it’s helping make you a morning person one more day each week.  Maybe it’s getting you out the door for more straight running miles than you planned for because we picked a location that far?! from your house.  Maybe it’s challenging you to fall (more) in love with this city because you’re exploring nooks and crannies of it previously unseen.  And maybe it’s just one of those “outside the box” days that forces you to be more spontaneous, less planned and exacting in your training for races and for life.

Whether you dig Mondays or avoid them, whether you long for them or don’t mind missing them, there they are every week.

Take today as an example: We did more burpees than almost everyone does in 7 minutes.  Some of us did more burpees than we do in 2 whole Sebastians.  But we switched it up, we didn’t just drop 14 minutes on you.  We made it fun, we explored new and fresh ways of doing burpees, and making it…dare I say, fun!?  We can all do the same thing each week.

And I’ve got a challenge for you as we turn the corner into 2016:

Make Mondays your day.  Use November Project to keep your fitness fueled, keep if fresh and fun, and keep it fierce and awesome — whether you’re there at the workout or not.  So seriously my friends, what’s your 2016 goal for Mondays? If your answer is “I don’t know” then check out some suggestions and see what works for you:

  • Come more consistently to Mondays (once a month, every other week, etc.)
  • Run different routes to the workouts (not using the same streets two weeks in a row, avoiding streets with a certain letter)
  • Run a minimum of __miles to and from DD each week.
  • Bring a new friend with you to DD each week.
  • Join in the Rando Die group for extra burpees each week.
  • Do a deck (deck of cards workout) at home every Monday morning, where you can shower and still get to work on time.
  • Make your post-DD photos the highlight of everyone’s Monday morning IG feed.
  • Find places to go back and visit in Boston because you discovered them during a workout or on the run. The city is for exploring, after all!
  • What else…? you know how to make Monday’s fun and boost your week to start with an NP bang.

You’ve got a whole year to shape–one Monday at a time.  If you want some of that kickass NP vibe behind your new goals, write them in the comments of the blog post and we’ve got your back.

Keep changing the world!

don’t forget… Wednesday is PR day in the stadium.  #GrassrootsGear tagging too, weather permitting.

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