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PROLOGUE: This morning, Noodle AKA Missy AKA Sarah AKA Ridiculousless AKA Kung Fu Panda stepped up the mark in Paddy’s “Avoid Leading Responsibility” Christmas, and boy did she deliver. She completely outled any of the workouts Paddy, Laura and Dan have done at Fort Mason, with a squeaky clean delivery, firm and bold bounce, brilliant theme, hilarious blog and her workout will have the Tribe wincing at that thought of walking stairs for at least several days. Brilliant work, Missy. Legendary stuff. Take it away, Noodle…

“Hey, Noodle – do you want to co-lead with me on Monday?” – Paddy (Friday at Hills)

“I … um … yes?” – me

“Or are you going out of town, or working?” – Paddy

“Oh … no. I guess I don’t have any good excuse not to be there” -me

“Great, you’ll make up the workout then!” – Paddy

Well, Paddy, I hope you had a nice weekend.  I spend mine in a panic. “How do I make a fun workout that we have never done before in the two years I have been going to NP?! Is this hard enough for the fast kids, and inviting and encouraging to the reasonably paced tribe members? Have we done something that resembles this before? Will people leave feeling like it was worth getting out of bed?” THE PRESSURE IS REAL.


By Sunday I had figured out our workout, and I had dreams all night that I forgot to tell people to pair up or that no one would show up because it rained.  Where am I going with this? I have a point. Lil mentioned it earlier this week, but I feel like I have to say it again – WE APPRECIATE YOU, LEADERS.  Paddy, Laura, Dan (and all the other cities that never read this blog) – you do this for free, 3 times a week, every week, all year. Your ability to always keep it fun and interesting, and challenging, and worth showing up for is amazing. Thank you SO much.


Now, to the workout:

  1. The workout was lead by a panda and a tiger
  2. The panda took bad photos today, sorry.
  3. HAS ANYONE SEEN TANTEK!? Apparently he was there … and then ran off with the raccoons
  4. The tribe worked out with Sea Gulls, Bears, Frogs, Bunnies, and Ducks today
  5. It’s freezing here. Freezing. #weatherproof #whyisLucciwearingshorts
  6. Based on my blog research I am not actually supposed to say anything about the actual workout, but I am 89.5% positive that everyone will remember it when they try to sit and stand for the next 48 hours
  7. Did everyone remember to ask for gloves for Christmakwanzakah? No? Maybe Ali, Jason, or Holly got some extras for their birthday (happy birthday!) and they’ll share
  8. Welcome back from vacation, Louise! I can see you practiced your handstand while you were away
  9. Scarles – your duck walk was the best I have seen in years.
  10. Paddy – way to participate in the workout this morning! I am proud of you – enjoy your 20 mile run/walk today.


Hope to see you all on Wednesday for the last workout of the year and the return of our strongest female leader. Don’t forget to drop your verbal by going online to the tracker at https:// tracking dot November dash Project dot com back slash auth dot html.

Fuck Yeah. Noodle, out.


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