Musical Chairs Redux (PHL)

Top of the morning…er…afternoon from Philly!  We worked out on the “top deck” today, doing a variation on our Musical Chairs workout.  We ran the top loop and when the cowbell sounded, depending on positioning members did burpees; squats; pushups or sprinted the outer loop of the Art Museum.  Rain held off, the sweat was flowing and good times were had.  The Tribe as always showed up in strong numbers with smiles and good vibes.  Yesterday, Suzanne and I were fortunate to be at the Best of Philly Party and represent each and everyone of you who show up on Wednesdays and Fridays.  Philadelphia is taking notice of this growing gang of socially-fit-humans showing up for a good sweat, community and FREE workouts.  Let’s continue building!

A few questions have arisen in regards to the boot on my right leg.  Let me assuage some rumors/fears.  I am not injured, I am merely trying to be like NP co-founder Brogan Graham. Jokes, nothing too exciting to report other than possibly a small stress fracture.  I have it booted for now and go in for some additional consultion next week. I will be at workouts. I will be at #BetterThanBedtime. I hope you are too.

Finally, David, this past week’s Hard Hat recipient, who is a bad ass individual and core member of November Project Philadelphia passed the award to Arnond.  David cites Arnond’s work ethic and “going the extra mile” as a few of the reasons for why he deserves the most coveted peer-to-peer award east of the Mississippi.  Not that its needed…but I can vouch.  For example, this morning at 6:00 AM when I hobbled out of a cab [pause for laughter] at the Art Museum, Arnond was midway through a solo workout session with weighted bags.  This is pretty standard fare for Arnond.  Congratulations!

See you all on Friday at Franklin Field and Sunday for Better Than Bedtime.

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