Evie is the Envy of Everyone’s Eye

8-12-14 was a monumental day for NP_NO and its co-founder Preston…he became a Dad. Looks like life was telling him it is finally time to grow the fuck up! So what did the other 3 co-founders decide to do??? Use it as a reason to incorporate that date into our weekly workout, you’re damn right we did. We wanted to make sure that everyone knew about Baby Evie’s arrival as the newest NP_NO tribe member. We can also be sure that no one is going to forget her birthday after that workout.

Our morning began at our temporary location, the Audubon Park fountain. In honor of sweet Evie and Preston, we sent the tribe members on a series of 800 meter sprints, since August is the 8th month of the year. Then each tribe member had to complete sets of 12 air squats, push ups, sit up, donkey kicks and fire hydrants (these are for the girls) to commemorate the 12th day of the month. Last but definitely not least, the set was finished with 14 burpees for 2014. Wash, rinse, and repeat for as many rounds of that as possible in 25 minutes.  To fully approximate what Preston is getting himself into, we waited until everyone was exhausted from the 8/12/14s and added a series of suicide sprints to close out the morning. Reminiscent of those 2,3,4,5, and 6am diaper changes and feedings for the umpteenth day in a row through bleary eyed exhaustion (yes, we are stretching this analogy thin). Regardless, we are so excited for you Preston and are thrilled that Mom and Evie are happy and healthy. Congrats buddy and hurry back!

The Positivity Award today went to Susan Opelka, a model of dedication and enthusiasm for the entire tribe. We love your attitude Susan, thank you!


By this time next week we hope to be back at the Dome, we will keep you updated and check the social media channels regularly for updates.

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