If you don’t know, now you know (DEN)

Molly are you blogging today? I’ve been waiting anxiously in my cubicle, refreshing the blog page and facebook timeline, desperately waiting for the reassurance that the fightclub-like FreeFitness cult did in fact happened this morning. My coworkers have no idea that I’ve hugged 197 people this morning and laughed more than my doctor recommends for a month. What’s that? I’m supposed to blog. Pucked! Umm, Christine Amoresano… how about a guest co-leader blog?  

Dear Molly,

You were missed this morning. And while I don’t envy double sessions and brain-staking creative workout flow, the feeling of being on the “y’all good” side of the “fuck yeah” salute is enough to keep me going for weeks…or at least until Friday morning at Curtis Park. Leading is excellent, bouncing is awesome, and I was honored to serve in your stead to inspire the tribe to greatness today.

But really, the tribe inspires me to greatness every day.  Sometimes just showing up is tough enough, but that’s never enough once the bounce is on and Benny is playing.  I’ve been doing this November Project thing for almost a year now, and I’ve learned a lot of stuff. So, without further ado, here’s five things I learned today.

  1. The tribe is epic, always
  2. The tribe is welcoming
  3. The tribe is bananagrams, pancakes, tiramisu, dinosaur, and a strange new variety of bird.
  4. The tribe should probably just always be prepared with a towel.
  5. The tribe is family

In positivity,

Christine “I-don’t-have-a-nickname-but-I-used-to-get-paid-to-blog” Amoresano

FRIDAY 6:15AM: Rise And Grind workout brought to you by Chad and Aaron at Curtis Park (30th & Champa).

SUNDAY : 3PM meet at Civic Center Amphitheater.

  • WHAT: Mass mob running the streets of DENVER and running to an undisclosed pub to cheer and show the world how strong the #NP17 community is.
  • THEME: Noah’s Ark: They Came In 2′s. You can interpret this how you like. Examples include dressing like someone else (twinsies), dressing as an animal with a partner, or two giant popsicles. Get creative, GO BIG. The photos will be phenomenal.
  • WHY: Day one of Beervember Project: There will be free beer.

The Positivity Award exchange. Sweeney Bear to Christine.

The Positivity Award exchange. Sweeney Bear to Christine.

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