Much to look forward to (YEG)

While this isn’t a “We’re Back!” announcement, it is a post to share with you some upcoming events that we’re really excited about. I know it likely doesn’t need to be said but I am going to say it anyway…you are all missed. I miss the connection, I miss seeing your smiles, I miss the hugs, I miss your good mornings…I miss you!

Nadim, Rob, and I have dreamed up a couple of events that we are really looking forward to. We think they are a great balance of fun, sweat, and connection while respecting COVID protocols, your health, and our community’s safety. After all, respect is at the core of our November Project Community Agreements and something that we believe we need to live and model at all times.

Upcoming Events

CANADA DAY – There won’t be any Legislature Pool tidal waves or pucks to dive for this year but a hockey puck could make the list for the second edition of #SeenOnMyRun. #SeenOnMyRun – Canada Day Edition

  • Date: Wednesday, July 1st
  • Time: 7:00am -8:10 am (yes…sleep in a little, or start early and wait for the list to come out!)
  • Location: Anywhere outdoors
    • 7:00am – On our Instagram Story, we’ll post a list of 10 things you’ll need to find on your run/ride/walk. Your starting point is wherever you are.  
    • 7:01am – You have 59 minutes to find as many things on the list as possible and take a picture of it. Everything must be found outdoors. 
    • 8:00am – Workout ends and you should be back at your starting point. 
    • 8:02am – We’ll gather on Zoom using the following link for the group photo, birthdays and a game of What’s In The Bag?!
    • 8:10am – Optional Social – We’ll leave the room open for some socialization after where you can share your photos and any fun stories from your adventure.
  • Rules: Please obey physical distancing guidelines and restrictions that are in place.

NP Canada’s 7th Birthday Party – There won’t be balloons, fruit kabobs, buttons, popcorn, yearbook photos, candy, tags, ice cream, or a DJ…or wait, maybe there will be? Who knows? Save the date and prepare to explore some of our iconic NP Canada recess locations.

  • Date: Saturday, July 18th
  • Time:  anytime between 8:00am -10:00 am
  • Location: Create your own route incorporating as many of the locations that will be shared Wednesday, July 15th.
  • More details to come July 15th.

NP SUMMIT 8 – November Project HQ has recently announced that while we may not be able to gather in person, something amazing will happen virtually. This is the perfect way to attend a summit without having to book holiday time, flights and hotels! Check out the details here. Details, still to come in the upcoming weeks can be found here.

I hope that you also look forward to these events and share them out. We’d love to have as many people participate as possible, in the most responsible and respectful manner.

Until next time…SMILE! J

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