Quiet Fire

Kim Ngo is like the spring in Edmonton (hometown shout out!). In like a mouse, but you know it’s going to be fierce. Unlike Vancouver’s 37 months of rain this year Kim has been an evolving persona and I have loved every minute of it.

She showed up on the word of her boss. As usual I was very awkward around her (and everyone else) but she obviously felt welcome enough to maintain a strong showing through her first winter with NPVAN. But those walls came down easily. She is caring, she is strong as hell, she is poignant, and (I will say it again) fierce.
You’re struggling through injury (physical/emotional) she has a strong message.
You have a wall you need to climb, she has a route picked out.
She speaks from her heart and sticks to her word.
And she fucking hates burpees….

When she approached BMO marathon this past year, it was as a duck to water. She seemed to love the process, the payoffs, but she also balanced work, climbing, and most importantly tasting Vancouver. When she approached me about training she was feeling pessimistic about training, but still pursuing the dream she had started. She was ambitious but realistic, something all runners struggle with (even seasoned veterans…cough.. VERNER…..). But funny enough she was neglecting the one thing her IG feed is dedicated to: eat the damn food KIM!!!
Running = eat.
Done running = EAT.
Thinking about tomorrows run = EAT!!!!

If you weren’t inspired by her first marathon you weren’t paying attention. Facing cancellation due to a global pandemic she set out early May 7th to make the training pay off.
All the miles.
All the weekends.
All the mornings.
Alone on that May morning she exceeded even her own expectations with a strong finish. And a lonely first marathon.

She continues to show us her loving and fierce spirit.

In her words: “A lot of my life I was told that I “couldn’t”. I came and found a community filled with determination, enthusiasm and a ferocity I couldn’t describe on a dark cold December morning. Because of NP, I found the strength to run a marathon. Through NP, I found the courage to find the person I wanted to be. Fuck yeah, I’m coming back. I’m ready to pounce. Thank you for helping me wake up every Wednesday morning and encouraging me to be my best self – it bleeds into my week and I bring a piece of you guys with me wherever I go. Much love, gang. Shout to Dan for recruiting me in this wonderful madness!”

Like Kim NPYVR is going to continue to evolve. If we want to keep giving you, and anyone interested, a strong workout and a good push in the right direction we have to keep that moving.
Have a tough conversation.
Make a change you need.
We got your back, just like we know you have ours.

And a mad “shout out” as the kids say to Kim. We’re glad you’re here.

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2 Replies to “Quiet Fire”

  1. Yay Kim! You’ve crushed it this year
    Thanks for showing up, every time. Your dedication and determination are awesome.

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