Why we are taking steps forward (Ottawa)

In taking steps towards acknowledging the land we are on, as well as celebrating Canada, traditionally known as Turtle Island, we had the pleasure of introducing Jamie, who took over this morning’s bounce.  Jamie offered a smudge, prayer and gave us all insight into what it means to her to be an Indigenous Canadian.  Jamie Voltz is a lover of the November Project community of Ojibwe-Saulteaux, Ukranian, Irish ancestry. Jamie is Okitcitakwe (Two-Spirit), Windigokahn, Ma’iingan Dodem and lives as a guest on Unsurrendered Algonquin Lands.  Jamie brought us together this morning with the sunrise to honour and give recognition to Indigenous peoples and the strength of these nations and resilience they continue to bestow.  

Jamie came to us in a spirit of openness, gratitude and a serving mentality- “here is what I notice” and “what can I do to help” to make this community better. We do not want to rely on her as an expert who represents all Indigenous people. However, we feel as part of the community, she brings a perspective and an experience that we feel adds a lot of value. Conversations with her have helped our learning and she was keen to share some traditions with all of us this morning. 

Following the workout, we gathered for a guided coffee conversation.  We wanted to give the space for everyone who was present to reflect on their morning and take it with them throughout the rest of the day and share what they learnt with others.  We asked the question; what are you grateful for as a Canadian? If we would have asked you this question yesterday would you have had the same answer?  Would your frame of mind have shifted aftering sharing and listening to others here in Ottawa? 

We also asked you what is something that you bring to the community? And although the answer looks very different for some of us there is also a connection tied between us all.  What is that connection that ties us together?  Could it be as clear as showing up? Yes.  Not only showing up again on zoom or eventually at in person workouts but to support to educate ourselves and those around us. Showing up extends beyond the confines of 6:29-7:00am.  

If anyone is asking you about some of the changes or steps we are trying to take to work towards that, please feel free to share the blogs that come out, as we work to share as transparently as possible, what we are thinking and why are we doing what we are doing. It’s not always easy to share messages in a quick bounce, or wrap up group photo. So we will continue to use the blog as a tool- a way to share our thoughts with you, and we are open to discussing those as we move forward.

Thank you for sharing your morning, your voices and your smiles with us.

Here’s to bringing soles together, 

Lauren and Liz


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