Motivation Monday (Boston 11.12.18)

What are you waking up for?

Yes, I mean today. But any day…every day…what are you waking up for?  What gets you out of bed?  What motivates the start of your conscious actions and movements through your day?  Why are you awake?!?

The alarm clock is no one’s best friend, and even with the recent shift in Daylight Savings Time, the mornings are still pretty damn dark, and getting colder every week.  It’s unlikely that any of us are getting up to enjoy the warm, sunny morning that nature provides us.  Which means that getting up is a choice.  Fitness is a choice.  Showing up is a choice.  Showing up at the Destination Deck on a Monday is a very specific choice — one that means you didn’t decide to find your fitness inside, or later on in the day, or all on your own where no one really knows (or cares) if you work your ass off or not. 

I firmly believe that November Project gives everyone something to wake up for–it’s motivation that extends beyond any of us as individuals, and offers a wave of momentum that we can be swept up into, rather than trying to create all on our own.  And when you feel that wave, you don’t just sit in it–you start to contribute to it with the choices you make, the actions you take, and the way you connect with everyone else in that wave.  You know how it feels when you see someone working hard, so you dig in and work a little harder too?  Then you realize they’ve picked up the pace/effort and then you step it up again too?  You got motivated either because you’re competitive or inspired, or probably a little of both, and then you became motivating too.  Motivation is an internal and external thing–and we need them both.

So go ahead and answer the question: what are you waking up for?  Are you waking up for you or rather for the things you’re obligated to?  Are you waking up to live life–and each day–to the fullest you possibly can, or are you simply taking things as they show up to you?  Are you waking up ready and open to laughing, moving, sweating, and working hard, or are you avoiding those things? 

I’m not pretending that any of us will ever feel deeply motivated all the time, all on our own.  That’s unrealistic and not something that anyone at NP expects of you.  But motivation isn’t something that just happens to you like winning the lottery–it’s something we cultivate and nurture, specifically by leveraging the amazing things like community, accountability, laughter & fun, challenging & rewarding effort, and the natural biochemical & physiological benefits of fitness–in order to grow our motivation.  So Mondays become a seed of motivation that grows through the week.  Start the week feeling energized by the other awesome people you partner with, race with, burpee with, run to & from the workout with, and have coffee with after the workouts.  Keep that smile & high from the workout going strong by sharing more exchanges of kindness, high fives, and hugs throughout the day.  Check the social media postings and get hyped by remembering how great the morning was and how badass the workout was, as shown in those images.  Start making plans for when & how you’re getting to the next workout and who you’ll be going with, meeting there, training with, or having coffee/breakfast with afterwards.  Motivation is not stumbled upon, it’s cultivated by the choices we make, the humans we connect with, and actions we take to show up and make the most of those choices and connections. 

Maybe Mondays aren’t your thing, and that’s cool.  But no matter what you do on Monday morning, let it motivate you to be exactly who you want to be all week long.  If you wonder who you could or would be with more motivation, come try a Monday at November Project.  And if you know people who crave more motivation too, invite/welcome/share it with them and make sure they get to a workout. It’s been changing lives and building community since 2011, and will continue to until the end of time. 

Next Monday: 11/19

Will be held on the roof of Tufts University Library (the Tisch building).  Map is HERE.  6:30am.  Just show up for the best view of sunrise over the city you’ve ever seen. 

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3 Replies to “Motivation Monday (Boston 11.12.18)”

  1. 11/14/18 I didn’t know where else to post this, but I had to say it somewhere: This week I’ve had some health issues that left me feeling helpless and scared. This morning, climbing stairs and dropping for pushups and squats with the NP tribe, and returning home, I realized that something had lifted. I felt like myself again—like a human being that was alive and buzzing. Midway through our climb, I watched as someone tumbled and was swiftly caught by someone else. What a crazy-perfect analogy for what I felt you all did for me today. Things might not all be okay for us, but there is still joy. We unmask that for each other—that’s what we do, through that unexplainable “fuck yeah” energy made up of raw kindness, raw compassion, and raw love. Thank you all for today. Thanks for catching me.

    1. Hey Heather,
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for showing up (for yourself and for the tribe) at the workout. This is the crazy magic of NP–it’s more than fitness and it has always been. And it’s absolutely good, hard fitness too. There’s so much joy in that physical movement and the community that grows out of that. Keep showing up and we will too.

  2. I have a question- I’ve never gone to a November Project workout before and I’d like to go to the one on Monday, but because I need to plan how get to work afterwards, could you tell me about what time the workout will be over?

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