Plan A (YEG)

The Ference kids were away today, which let me do one thing… run around a parking lot for an entire workout. 

When we choose our locations, we try to consider a number of things: available parking, central location, cool features, dope photo opportunities and lighting, amongst others. A few years back, we spent the entire month of February going to different parking lots in the city. The challenge with locations, is that you never know what will be there until the moment you show up. In the case of a parking lot, you never know how many cars will be there, or how many cars will end up entering or leaving the parking lot. There’s always the chance that you have to change the workout minutes before it started. So, this morning, when I came up on the location and saw that there was not a single car in the lot, I was shocked. I expected a few cars there, but was hoping no one would enter or leave since today is only a holiday for some. But with a completely empty lot, I knew I could go with my first option. The likelihood of a car coming into a completely empty lot with 100 people there is real low. Today’s workout was plan A. It was the least safe. If you think about it, we ran in circles in a parking lot. It was also the most social workout we’ve had in awhile. And while I’m sure we woke up a few people in the neighbouring condos (sorry), we all had a chance to meet a ton of new people and learn a little something about them. I’m glad everything fell into place this morning. After all, plans B and C were only half as fun and twice as loud.


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