Monday Resolve

It’s over two weeks into the 2018. By now, some of you have given up on your “resolutions”. Some didn’t even commit to any in the first place. But today, January 15, is a new day, and a new opportunity to work on ourselves and the communities in which we live. So, here’s a list of Monday Resolutions we can take on to better ourselves and the world around us.

  1. Get up on the first ring of your alarm clock.
  2. Text a friend pre-workout on Tuesday or Thursday night.
  3. Tell your family you love them.
  4. Stretch before your feet even touch the floor.
  5. Whisper a compliment to yourself in the mirror after you brush your teeth.
  6. Call your grandparent/parent/child/friend.
  7. Ask a stranger if you can pet their dog.
  8. Shovel your next-door neighbor’s sidewalk. And scrape their car.
  9. Instead of keeping to yourself at work, ask a co-worker how you can make their life easier.
  10. Commit to bringing one newbie recruit to a workout this winter.
  11. Double that number ^
  12. Send a postcard to a friend who lives out of state.
  13. Buy a bag of variety chocolate and give them to people on the bus.
  14. Do 10 pushups. Then an hour later, do another 10. Repeat throughout the day.
  15. Sing in the car without wondering what other drivers will think.
  16. Laugh until you cry.
  17. Make someone else laugh.
  18. Show up to a workout when it’s too cold and you’d rather be in bed.
  19. Buy the person behind you in line a cup of coffee.
  20. Buy yourself a coffee before a long, hard day.
  21. Be kind to yourself.
  22. Be just as kind to the people around you.

Milwaukee is dark. Way. Too. Dark. But we can bring light into our community with kindness and love. Keep showing up to the workouts, but more importantly, keep showing up in life.

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