Eyebrows and Determination

Faces tell a lot about a human. What they are doing, how hard they are concentrating, their mood. We see a lot of really good faces at November Project, One might argue they are the reason we keep coming back. Sometimes you see a face of determination and grit.

Sometimes those faces are super happy to be outside working out with friends.

Sometimes they are Goofy and fun.

Other times it is a relief that the workout is complete and it is finally time to go grab some coffee and breakfast.

But mostly what we see when the tribe is working out, and the weather is chilly, are eyebrows and determination. Vern was giving us the best example of this during extra spice- though it is best depicted below (from a few weeks ago):

This morning was MLK Jr inspired, and with that we did Mountain climbers, Lunges, partner Kicks, Jump squats, and Repeats on the stairs. Then some push-ups and dips for that extra spice.

Wednesday: 5:28/6:28 at Gracie

Friday: 6:28 at Columbus Circle

See you then/there,


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