But It’s So Cold/Dark/Wet/Early!!!

Winter is neat. I think that’s the best way to describe it. It’s unpleasant. It’s hard to get up early and motivate yourself to #optoutside. But guess what? We’re here for you. Every Wednesday morning, let Rich and I hype you up! What have you got to lose?

I am not a morning person. Had you fooled, didn’t I? I only love waking up hella early for two things: TRIPS and NOVEMBER PROJECT. That’s it.

Before becoming a leader, there was one huge thing that resonated with me when it came to NP. The bounce, particularly the last things yelled at the end of the bounce. There are different versions of what can be and are said in different cities: “HECK YEAH!” “AAAWWW YEAH!” “WOO YEAH!” and of course, my personal favourite, “FUCK YEAH!”

Now, we don’t just say this to be crass or swear for no apparent reason. There is actual logic behind this. It’s in the “Glossary of Terms” in “November Project The Book.

We get it though; it is tough, but so are YOU. And you know you feel better after an NP workout … because it’s not just fitness. It’s your weekly dose of awesomeness. You can’t deny it. And we are soooooo glad you are here!

If you need further convincing, here are some words from the Mouth Hole of none other than BOJAN MANDARIC:

To those who are braving the cold and dark elements, here is a little morale boost. Think of it as a cheer station full people that you know and are tearing their throats with the sole purpose of giving you extra motivation as you’re passing the 22nd mile of a marathon course – the exact spot where you’re considering dropping out, where you’re feeling all the pains and aches, the point where it doesn’t matter how fit you may be, or how well your training has gone, all you want to do is say “FUCK IT! I’m out!”. But you get to the cheering station and people are going wild! They scream your name and sprinkle some cool water down your back (in this story you’re running a marathon in a million-degrees weather). They’re giving you low-fives because they know that from the fatigue you would rather wipe your ass with sandpaper than raise your hand above the shoulder. And it works… All the energy from the cheering station is rubbing off on you. You feel special. You feel strong. You look up the road and you see the official race photographer taking shots. You straighten up your back and add little more bounce in your step because you don’t want to be slouchy in those post-race photos that will land in your inbox the second you cross the finish line. You see the shutter in the camera lens closing as you’re mid-stride with both of your feet are off the ground, rocking a cool and collected smirk knowing that you’re looking like a mother fucking gazelle right now. You start thinking about the IG post that you’ll drop after you screenshot a watermarked photo from the race website – because let’s face it – you’re not paying $40 for that shit! And all of a sudden you forgot about the heavy legs, dehydration, and a general discontent for a living. Instead of thinking “FUCK 4 miles to go!”, you’re in the “Only 4 more miles to go” zen-like state. You know that when you cross that finish line, the weather will somehow get pleasant and breezy, your friends and family will carry you around like King Xerxes (see attachment), and all your discomfort will magically disappear. In a week, you’ll be recovered and in a month you’ll start the new round of training for something else. Later that year, when you’re fondly thinking about the race, you’ll look the photos that people in the cheering station put up, and you’ll laugh about how much fun they had. You’ll look at the upright videos of you that people took with their phones (turn it sideways you freaking neanderthals!!!) and you’ll think to yourself “Maybe I am a mother fucking gazelle, as that speed demon in the video looks great!” You’ll forget how uncomfortably hot you were, how close to soiling your shorts you got, or how terrible you felt for most of the race. You’ll cherish the memories before and after the race, the PR in the record books (yeah you PR’d in this story!), and when people ask you how it was, you’ll feel like a badass and your response will be “INCREDIBLE”. So as the dark and uninspiring mornings are trying to get the best of you, consider this note as a virtual cheering station and remember that even though you may be feeling lack of motivation and mental pain to get your ass in gear, in few months when it’s nice out and your tribe is rocking like a Red Sox fan any time “Sweet Caroline” comes on, someone will ask you “How was the winter”? Then, you’ll feel like a badass and your response will be “INCREDIBLE”!






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