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One-half of the dudes who started this thing called November Project live in Boston and the other half of the dudes live in San Diego.  For a neat little time this summer, both of those dudes are calling Boston home, and today we turn the reigns of the blog, the photos, and all our social media over to the taller, oft louder half of the dudes.  Brogan Graham, better known as BG (emphasis on the G), is here to channel his inspiration, weirdness, or whatever he finds in the bottom of his coffee cup this morning.  We’re glad he’s here, he’s your friend and mine, human beings of Boston, I give you, BG…

Coming off of the November Project Summit 10 days ago, I’m feeling very inspired about everything. The leaders are funnier than ever, the workouts seem to be more creative, and the energy is at an all-time high. I can not wait to confirm and post the location for the next #NPSUMMIT – The family reunion vibe is a must.

Being able to drop in on the Worcester tribe last Wednesday and the Boston tribe this morning was proof of the quality of what NP is doing. The organization, the efficiency, and the drive seen in Worcester, matches what is happening right here in the 617. As I look around both tribes, a mere 45 minutes away from one another, I’m reminded of the basics of what make NP so strong, so proud, and so real.

1. Work. The people at November Project are there to work. The workouts are hard and the members who are here to stay take them very seriously. Fast, slow, young, old. We are there to work.

2. Love. Members and Co-Leaders love one another, love their city, and love their tribe. This love is seen in the obvious hugs and painted shirts. If you look just a little bit closer, you can see love in the way we support and push one another. Up the hills, steps, and to the hard surface of the green basketball court this AM in Charlestown, the love is there.

3. Always On. I’m blown away week in and week out by the way in which Co-Leaders in 29 cities are always on. The workouts go on, the vibe is ON, and you never have to check to see if the workout is happening or not. There is no password or hourly fee to sign onto this Wifi, it is FREE. Just get to the location and you’ll be sure to find NP 100% on. From what Nick Rod, Pat & Syd are up to down in Baltimore, all the way up to the three genius/idiots who Co-Lead our coldest tribe in Winnipeg, we, November Project leaders, are always on.

I can’t thank Chris, Chris, & Chris (Emily Saul) for letting me shoot and post on behalf of the Boston tribe. As I write this, I’m dangling from some pretty stop-and-go coffeeshop wifi. Though this is one of my favorite go-to cafes in the world, I smile when I think of them closing early some afternoon because of a giant storm or something. Almost always on.

I’m proud to be from this great city. I fucking love this odd/perfect/hard working family that we all belong to.

The tribe is strong.

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