Surf, Swim, SHARKS! And more Cowbell!

Ugh. Crappy day here in San Diego… Butts, 69 degrees at 75% humidity…

Despite the terrible conditions, the tribe showed up and had an epic Monday. We had an incredible warm up with some Surf, Swim, and Sharks! If you don’t know what it is, you need to show up more. Ran a tough workout, a beach run burnout, and yes, we brought back the cowbell. Oh, that cowbell. Too… much… power…

Not to mention, we even had visitors for 3 cities – LAX, Boston, and… Denmark? That’s right, ladies and gents – we had some awesome human beings hailing from the Sick Project in Denmark. And let me tell you, Tor can throw down on the sand!


This tribe continues to inspire me, and I can’t think of any other way to start a Monday.

Maybe more coffee. And just a little more cowbell. Just a little.

Be bright, San Diego!




Wisconsin Notes:

  • STARLIGHT THEATER! On Saturday, August 13, we’ll be heading to the Starlight Theatre to help with rehab efforts with other volunteers. Join the NPSD Social Page, and check out the announcements. WE NEED A LOT OF VOLUNTEERS because there’s a huge opportunity for us to be involved with rallying volunteers, managing sign-up, and generally being a bigger part of the efforts. Be there! Give back to the city! And let’s rehabilitate a sick location that we can potentially use as a new workout location! Reach out to any of the leaders or Jeff Boman for more details!
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