Minnesota Sleds

I’m from Minnesota, most of you know that by now.  And in Minnesota there’s a lot of snow basically for most of the year.  Which means you basically have the opportunity to play in the snow all the time.

We get really good at playing in the snow, even when we weren’t dressed for it (I spend many of my elementary school afternoons sitting at my desk soaked because of playing in the snow after lunch), and even when we didn’t have all the right equipment.  You don’t need a sled to go sledding.  Of course everyone has sleds at home because EVERYONE goes sledding, but you don’t always have your saucer, toboggan, or plastic sled handy.  Sometimes you have a lunch tray, a cardboard box, a friend with a slippery jacket, or even a trash bag.  And whatever you’ve got, you go sledding when the hill is there.

It might have gotten melty in the winter sunshine and then frozen to a substance harder than concrete in the overnight hours.  It might have been crushed down by hundreds or thousands of other sled-riders in to a slick sheet of hill, or it could have turned into a lumpy-bumpy path of bruises-waiting-to-happen.  But when there’s sledding to be done, you sled.

This morning at NP, in the wake of two very recent Nor’easters and as another one might show it’s wintry face this week, we showed up like Minnesotans, and we went sledding.  Were the conditions ideal?  Fuck no.  Did everyone have sleds?  Of course not!  But we brought some regular sleds, some Minnesota sleds (trash bags, storage bin lids, and cardboard boxes) and then the friendliest of friendly early-morning dog walkers, Lynda, just happened to be walking by our bounce, spotted our pile of sleds, and OFFERED TO LET US USE HER SLEDS FROM HER HOUSE!  Thanks Lynda!  So everyone got some death-defying runs down the icy, bumpy, grass-splotched, PLINKO board of a frozen sledding hill and we got some sprints right back up those hills too.  Throw in a Rando Guy set of burpees for 5 min as a final burnout (or was it a warm-up?!) and we call that one of the most memorable Monday morning #DestinationDecks around.

The lessons to be learned from being Minnesotan and from November Project Boston today: Always go sledding when there’s an opportunity & make your fitness fun.

We have a workout on Wednesday…it will be at Harvard Stadium and it will be fun too.  See you there!

AND next Monday, we will have our next #CelebrityShot…tribe member co-leaders for the day will be leading the workout.  Recruit everyone you know and plan to #JustShowUp.

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