It’s official.  Block workout is my favourite workout of NP Canada.  It has all the elements; simplicity, accountability, you stay warm, safety 3rd (on corners), free tour of the block, etc…  Jen and I got to 12 burpees even though she ran 83 kms. in the snow yesterday.  Impressive stuff, Jen.  To the 1’s of people who read this blog and did not participate in this morning’s workout, call me and I’ll explain everything.

Thanks to Nadim for playing security guard this morning and protecting my bike & the layers people left as they realized that -8 doesn’t need as many layers as -28.

We are getting close to the real season of light… the teaser before daylight savings is in our rear view mirror and within 2 months the snow will also be mostly gone.  That means when you show up for Wednesday’s stair workout you can start official training for Old 96’er!  As you run up Glenora stairs this week, do it with a little extra gumption.  Wear 1 less layer.  Double up the steep set.  Pass in the middle.  All these things will come in handy when we tackle the gristle and all in a few short weeks.  96’er is not conquered in the summer, it is conquered by what you do now…  Goals, fuck ya.



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