Set the scene… New York City, the first Sunday of November – November 1st 2015

Buzz, Buzz, Buzzzzzzz. It’s 4:00am and your alarm clock is going off. You look at the clock, you look at it again, you look at it one more time and decide it’s time. It’s not your typical #WAKEUPTHESUN kinda day; you roll out of bed in sleepy excitement and after twenty minutes of composing yourself, you’re out the door making moves because #NOSLEEPTILLBROOKLYN. Following the advice of your fearless leaders, Nina and Jackie, you layer, and layer, and layer again to near stay puft marshmallow status, #warmth. Most of NYC is still sleeping, soon to be awakened, but even at this quiet time there’s an indescribable energy rolling through the streets. As you get closer to your destination, that deep rooted feeling is now a defined pulse and you’re at the helm steering it.


A lot of people understand the word community, but have you ever FELT the word community?  Here in NYC we build community every Wednesday and Friday, and we want to give back and extend our love to the running community by taking over the New York City Marathon #MILE7 fluid station. #NP_NYC got its first taste of #NYCM last year and we want to make it bigger, badder and radder than last year. I mean, they are using photos of us everywhere when telling people to volunteer.  We changed the game last year, and this year its time to raise the bar even higher.


#NP_NYC invites you to join us in volunteering your energy, high fives, positive vibes, and amazing hydration skills.  These runners train for 12+ weeks in hot/cold/humid/sweaty conditions to cross 5 boroughs of the best city in the world, New York City, and need our support to get them to cross the finish.  There will be water, there will be neon and most importantly there will definitely be over 50,000 plus thirsty runners that need our help!  Yeah, you’ll get a cool jacket, yeah you’ll get to scream #FUCKYEAH to all the runners, and yeah you’ll get to be a part at one of the largest marathons. The biggest difference is that this year, FOR EVERY 20 VOLUNTEERS THAT SIGN IN MARATHON DAY FOR #NP_NYC, WE RECEIVE 1 GUARANTEED BIB INTO THE 2016 TCS NYC MARATHON.


So what does that really that really mean and how does that help my chances of getting a 2016 #TCSNYCM spot? If we get 100 volunteers to sign in Nov 1 at our water station, we’ll get 5 GUARANTEED spots into next year’s race. Each and Every volunteer that remains for the entirety of the volunteering allotted time will be entered for a chance to win entrance into 2016 #NYCM . Once #NP_NYC receives the # of 2016 marathon entries we earned, our fearless #NP_NYC leaders will select at random and notify the lucky winners!!!

1. Go to nyrr.org
2. Click on “My NYRR” (top right of navigation pane) and log in (or create) your account
3. On the left, in the menu column, click “Volunteer.”
4. Scroll to “Volunteer for the TCS New York City Marathon” at the bottom of the page and click on the “Fluid Stations 2015 TCS New York City Marathon” option.
5. Select “Mile 7-South Central Brooklyn Runners & November Project ONLY” and click “Next.”
6. Fill out the very brief application, select “November Project NYC” as your group, and click “Accept.”
7. You will receive a confirmation email from NYRR and we’ll keep you posted on everything else you need to know!


Your two leaders Jackie and Nina, are working to make this day as epic as last year’s volunteer event. So we ask, are you in? or are you out? Volunteer Deadline…. August 31.

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