Kansas City Pop-Up, Wednesday 8/26TH at 6:29AM, Liberty Memorial

The official Kansas City November Project Pop-Up workout will be this week, on Wednesday, at 6:29AM meeting at the Liberty Memorial in Kansas City, MO. Your leader will be, “BG,” the self-hyped “co-founder” who sometimes types in “3rd Person.”

War Memorial KC MO

How the heck will this work in Kansas City? Well, what we’re hoping is that you and your digital pals/family can help build this one-day event… that we can roll into an actual tribe that thrives for many years to come. How can YOU help? Glad you asked. Connect us to your KC people who may be interested in community, FREE fitness, painted shirts, hugging strangers (don’t bring that piece up if they’re not into hugging – we’ll just let them be surprised), racing, training, making noise, and having fun before heading off to work. This can be done by tagging them on FB, sharing this page that you’re reading right now, tagging handles on Instagram, ReTweeting our Twitter stuff, or many other computer tricks. Once we get all of those good humans into the same giant circle at sunrise, we’ll figure out the rest of the magic from there.

WHEN: Wednesday, August 26TH at 6:29AM – You’ll be out of there before 7:29AM. We are not morning people either, or runners, or whatever your next excuse is. ALL LEVELS & AGES. Just show up.

WHERE: Map this place out if you’re not sure. For you locals who know it all, just make your way to the Liberty Memorial.

WHAT: Some running, body weight nonsense, laughing, racing, fun times like we used to have as kids all the time back in the day. All ages and abilities are welcome but you MUST: Be kind. Work your ass off (whatever that means for you).

WEAR: Loud colors. Bring a blank shirt for painting.

WONDERFUL: It sure will be. Great call.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 4.05.48 PM

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