Want to feel like a superhero? (YEG)

Kind of was like coming back to school after summer vacation today. Got to see all my old buddies. Got to check out the new kids. Recess was wicked awesome and I had to introduce myself a bunch of times to the new people. I don’t think I ever did figure skating lunge things or squat dancing but every school has their thing I guess. Back to school means writing again… That’s what I’m doing now. It’s not as fun so I’ll keep it short. Wednesday is at a really cool stadium called Commonwealth. It’s huge! Our tribe is huge! Especially if everyone comes on the same day. Let’s do that. Recruit you old NP buddies and those fence sitters that need that final persuasive push. We don’t need tons of people but it’s pretty fun when it happens. Not sure how many spots are left but sign up for my DeadLegs race. Honestly, it’s $25 and you will probably get about $60 in stuff there like beer, Lulu, smoothies etc. It’s this Saturday and you can either do the bike category or the running category. You’ll feel like a superhero during it.

We have lots of fun stuff planned this next little while at NP Canada, thanks for waking your ass up at such an ungodly hour to join us.

Xo andrew




Next Monday is the NP Talent Show. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Each person will have no more than 30 seconds to show off their talent.
2. Your talent can be ANYTHING. Judging will be based on Natural Born Talent, Number of out loud laughs for realz (#lols4realz) and level of badassivity.
3. Bring your own props and your own costumes.
4. Someone will win a prize.


September 4th is Race the Maze at the Edmonton Corn Maze.

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