Meet Sylvia! (YEG)

Excited for you all to read Sylvia’s message to the tribe. Sylvia is a positive, spirited, kind, happy tribe member who you can count on to show up every morning with a cheerful hello and words of encouragement throughout any workout. Sylvia was also the only person who laughed at my jokes and comments when I paced the Edmonton 10K a few years ago…thanks Sylvia! Sylvia is also one of the first members of November Project Canada to have the new buff!! Way to always #justshowup!!

Thank you, Sylvia, for brightening up even the darkest of mornings with your sunshine!

See you Friday, 6 AM, at Walterdale Hill. If your fellow tribe members want a shiny new buff like you they’ll have to remember their $5.

Everyone, meet Sylvia!

November Project = Strength

by Sylvia Marks

What an honour to be asked to add my November Project story to all the other amazing stories we have read and been inspired by.  I hope I can do the same for you!

Approximately 3 years ago my daughter Kelsie told me all these amazing stories of her working out with this free fitness group and all the support she felt from them.  I was inspired by her getting up early to go, it didn’t matter the weather conditions, so finally a year later I accepted an invitation to a holiday workout.  She actually slept over the night before so we could go together and I would find my way!  I haven’t looked back since and have enjoyed almost 2 years of major strength benefits (mental and physical) from the November Project group.

I joined in the spring and of course, the nice weather didn’t offer too many obstacles but as my first winter approached I was a bit scared, could I still continue?  Well if all these other people can do it, I could too and now 2 winters in, I definitely feel stronger every time I conquer a -30 day and wear my -30 badge proudly (as many of my co-workers shake their head at me and laugh, I secretly think they are inspired!).  My husband also shakes his head at me but is proud of me and always cheers me on!  I did recruit one of my co-workers to come and I hope by my actions and all my stories I tell about NP others will find the right time for them to try it!  It doesn’t matter what age, fitness level, this is doable for everyone and you will be welcome with open arms!  It also says a lot when some of our NP members will come when injured and do what they can, even walking up the hill with a walking cast on their leg or just waiting at the bottom and high five everyone coming by!  

I am proud that I have completed 3 half marathons last year and November Project has been there to push me through.  Not only with the cardio endurance I get from the hills and stairs, there are always some people from NP who come out and cheer and the feeling of having them cheer you on as you pass gives you so much adrenaline to keep going, it brings me to tears as I remember those moments and I thank all of you for that.  All you have to do is wear your tagged shirts and they will recognize you.  When I travelled outside of Edmonton with my daughter for a race, I knew I would be fine with her by my side and my November Project buff and gear would get me through as well. You never know when someone else from another city will notice your grassroots gear and connect with you.  

The Monday workouts are cool with the strength training component and the adventure of working out in a different location in the city every time.  Sometimes I have a bit of anxiety hoping I will find the location but when you drive to the location you see all the lights from the other cars and people coming from each direction you know you are in the right place and you can follow someone!  I am also amazed at all the different areas of our city I would never have gone if it wasn’t for NP and I have a greater appreciation for our city as well and I have lived here most of my life.  There is never a blue Monday when you start it off with November Project!

Reading the blogs after every workout and seeing our fabulous pictures always keeps that motivation and inspiration alive.  You will always feel the spirit of this group with you when you tackle anything in your life and isn’t it great to find such good people in a world that has you wondering about humanity.

I am almost 55 years (young) and my main goal would be to keep myself feeling as strong as I do now for my quality of life and also keep that inner strength to conquer anything in front of me.  I have always said I feel so strong I could climb a mountain!  I haven’t done that yet, but when that opportunity comes I will do it!! November Project will be a part of that and thank you again to Kelsie for your inspiration and encouragement and I feel so lucky to be able to join you in all our adventures.

Thank you so much to our leaders (Jen, Nadim, Andrew) for all you do to keep November Project alive and your pushes and encouragement help us in every workout and we all appreciate you!

Thank you to every one of you who just show up with your smiles, hugs, high fives, encouraging words to help all of us together get through our workout and start our day with so much energy.  We are strong together!

Great work everyone!

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  1. Oh Sylvia! It’s so good to hear your story, see what you have accomplished so far on this amazing journey, and see those great pictures of you, Kelsie, and your tribe of remarkable people! You are truly an inspiration!

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