Meet Chris (YEG)

Chris has been a staple in our NP community and many of the branches of the NP Canada tree from pre-run crews to croissant club to Need for Speed. Chris is willing to get uncomfortable and leads by example. Each morning we can count on him to give it his all and encourage the rest of us to do the same. Meet Chris!

I don’t know how to begin this as there are so many things swirling around in my head, so I am just going to start with a couple of my favourite hashtags that I associate with November Project ; #thisshitisgood and #getuncomfortable.

This shit is good, I don’t think I can articulately capture the essence of what this is all about better then that….

So lets address the second one, getting uncomfortable which is almost the whole point of November Project. NP is designed for us to push ourselves past our comfort zones every time we show up and work out.  This blog is outside my comfort zone. Getting up at 5am is uncomfortable, showing up in -30 is uncomfortable,Royal Glenora Stairs are uncomfortable, Walterdale Hill is uncomfortable, the upper deck at Commonwealth is uncomfortable, Sebastien is uncomfortable, when Nadim tells you to find that extra 2% it is uncomfortable (and yes you can do anything for minute).  But it is more than just physically getting uncomfortable, showing up is about putting yourself out there to truly enjoy this community for all it has to offer; hugging a stranger, awkwardly staring into their eyes, chasing them for thirty minutes, or straight up just pushing yourself as hard as you can.

I first showed up a few years ago, almost by accident, while training for my first race the Deadlegs 10k.  It was five days before the race and I figured I had better actually run a few stairs so I woke up before work and went to the Royal Glenora stairs and went up and down a few times, and started to worry about how this race was going to go in a few days.  As luck would have it as I driving to work from the Royal Glenora stairs I noticed a bunch of people working out on the lawn at the Legislature.  Having followed Andrew on Twitter I remembered that he had been tweeting about this November Project thing, so when I got work I got on the google and discovered that they would be working out on Wednesday at Commonwealth.  Again serendipitously this was exactly what I needed, so that was it I was going to show up.  I set my alarm, Wednesday morning I got up drove to Commonwealth, nervously stared at the mass of people heading into stadium, finally got out of my car and slowly walked into the unknown.  

I could feel the energy as folks were milling about waiting for it begin, within seconds of the Bounce starting I was hooked …  

Since then this tribe has inspired me to do things that I had never even contemplated; it has allowed me to grow.  I am continually amazed by the energy and support that is brought together at 5:59 three mornings a week, and at every race in this city.  I still get all the feels when I think about running through the NP cheer station during the Edmonton Marathon and the energy that I got from all of those high fives and cheers.  

I am truly thankful for the friendships and adventures that choosing to show up have led me on, and cant thank you all enough for what you bring to my life.  November Project works in my life cause I needed to manufacture time for fitness, but it is the connection, laughs and fun and yes the work outs that keep me coming back.  

To Andrew, Jen, and Nadim I will never stop singing your praises for the amazing community you have built in our cityand the energy and humor with which you do it.  You truly are making our city a better place to live one sweaty morning at a time.  Thank you.

Like anything else in life you will get out of November Project what you put into it, actually you will get more. So get uncomfortable throw a few high fives, find that extra 2% and scream fuck yeah because this shit is good!  

#justshowup Friday – Walterdale Hill 6AM 

Until next time…SMILE! J

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