Let’s talk winter (DC)

There comes a time in every NPer’s life where you’re going to start experiencing urges. Urges to pull the covers up, to stay inside, to not show up, to disappear. Yesterday might have been that day for you. It was COLD, the first feels-freezing day of the season. The group photos — ehh, they were a bit small. Some folks were missing. Those urges…

They tug at you. They’re strong. I get ’em. Dazzo gets ’em. Emma gets ’em. We all get ’em. Who wouldn’t want to be under a warm blanket at 5 in the morning, avoiding the cold unknown outside the window?

OK, enough leading you on … the answer is you, me, all of us. Because as hard as it is to climb out of that cocoon and layer up during these colder months, for every five degrees that the temps drop, the workouts feel five times as badass. You leave Meridian/Malcolm X, leave Lincoln, leave Friday workouts thinking, “DAMN, I was probably one of the ONLY people in Washington, DC, who woke before 6am to run and do burpees and hoist friends up (sometimes literally) and build community together before most Washingtonians even brushed their gosh darn teeth.” 

The most memorable NP workouts? They are in winter, because NO ONE ELSE does this and does it consistently. I’ll never forget one of my first-ever NP workouts at Pershing Park in February 2015 — temps dipped near 0 degrees and we did box jumps and ran up stairs in the snow. For the group photo, we formed an N-P lying down. It was glorious. 

A day for the memory books — hands down. 


One of my favorite things is when I hear from people who tell me they started going to NP in the winter. It does happen, folks! That’s why I’m challenging you today to not only keep coming yourself as the temps drop and the snow (maybe) falls — it’s easy; here’s a comprehensive guide on how to #Layer and prepare for workouts from our friends in Edmonton, whose winters makes ours seem trivial. I’m also challenging you to keep recruiting your friends. 

Do you know someone who’s itching to do something a little bit daring? Maybe they’re tired of their social routines. They need something outside of the norm. They want to meet people who are a bit weird, who won’t say no to crazy things. GET THEM TO NP IN THE WINTER. 

And remember — when you’re recruiting during the winter, you can never drop the word #WeatherProof enough, always reminding people that we have never and we will never ever cancel a workout. We have shoveled snow before. We will do it again.

See you Friday!


Friday: Forest Hills Playground, 6:29AM

— Nov. 15: Crunches
— Nov. 16: Planks
— Nov. 17: Push-ups
— Nov. 18: Crunches

Record your totals HERE

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