McEnroe’s Grey Fire Drill (DCA)

Sorry Chris Gray. You may have been confused but today had nothing to do with your namesake. I know this may have been confusing. Our deepest apologies.

So many big announcements today. Let’s run through them Wisconson Notes style:

– Ma Nature decided to join us today in showing some grey in support of our friends/family in SD recently faced with the passing of an incredible woman. Read our previous blog post or any other of the #NP17 posts today

– We showed the true nature of NP. Family, support, love, commUNITY. We’re in this life together, we might as well make it fun, right?

-We did a hybrid workout today. It worked. It was fun. John McEnroe was FIRED UP.


– FRIDAY: Workout at the ZOO. Meet HERE. 6:29AM. Things are going to get WILD

-JUNE 14th: Another crazy RACE. It’s a Saturday evening so bring all your friends that don’t get why you wake up so early and show them why. Details coming next week. GET HYPED!!!

10380509_234416226748882_5037193818073766687_oKEEP BEING AWESOME, DC.




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