Greysian Invasion

(Our fancy camera group shot is coming to you a little bit later, until then, I think this serves as a pretty good place holder. It really reflects the difficulty we had in  figuring out how just what Dan and Molly meant by “make a heart with your hands”)

Everything about today’s workout was pretty standard, except that today we all showed up wearing grey. And it wasn’t just the Denver tribe in grey today. No, every tribe in the #NP17 (that’s 17 tribes for you newbies out there) wore grey to show our love and support for a co-leader of the San Diego tribe and to honor her mother who recently passed away from brain cancer. Day to day, we show up to the work outs, goof around and occasionally (religiously) get a good sweat on, but today is a day I’d like to step back and recognize the amazing community full of love and support that each city and each member has a hand in creating. It’s pretty cool to know that you have hundreds of people that will have your back when you need it most. Not to mention, today we welcomed traveling tribes-members from DC and SF proving that even when you’re a thousand or two miles from the tribe you call yours, there’s always a group that will take you in with open arms. Today, we send our hugs and hearts out to Ashleigh Voychick and her mother.

I also want to thank the boss men in Boston for following their passion and creating such an infectious movement without even knowing what they were getting into. Perhaps I’m feeling sentimental towards Boston, the city I call home, because I’m currently noming on a very special, four day olBoloco burrito that traveled all the way from BOS–>DEN  with my gracious co-leader, but I’d like to think we honored the Mothership tribe today by getting back to the basics and building off a Monday favorite. Today, we constructed a workout entirely around “ready-go’s” with a little spice to close it all out. I got a good chuckle from watching Dan get drunk with power from commanding the tribe to roll over to the left… okay now the right… before sprinting for their lives and Rachel won the positivity award thanks to her kick ass dance moves to “Tootsie Roll”.


FRIDAY DESTINATION: We will be at Infinity Park at 6:15am. Meet at the parking lot at 1050 S Birch St,-104.936103,621m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x876c7dd655d07419:0x6318c46421f6cef1

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