May Gray PR Day (LAX)

PR day was great.  Another one in the books and for some reason another misty morning for Southern California.  It seems as though June Gloom was overeager and decided to arrive for a good portion of May.  Well, looks like we can prove that we are at least in some bit #weatherproof.  Just kidding, I’m sure that I’ll get plenty of flack for that from other tribes who have to deal with actually cold temperatures and the natural elements like wind, rain, snow, sleet, etc. etc.

Anyways, PR day.  It tends to be a bit ominous when you announce that the workout is PR day.  For those of you who don’t know what PR is, it stands for Personal Record.  Now, in the most basic sense, it’s outperforming whatever you did last time.  For example, running a race and then racing even faster the next time around.  For the LAX course, that basically means adding another rep to your belt for the number of hills and burpees completed.

But there is so much more to earning a personal record.  Fearing that you won’t PR that morning doesn’t mean you shouldn’t show up. Each time you show up, you open up your opportunities to try something new, to push yourself and to maybe help someone else earn that next rep.  This is a community and it’s the energy that everyone has brought to the table that makes it so powerful.  I love it.  Let’s keep this up!

Also, a big welcome to two new tribes NP_Newport (RI) and NP_Providence (RI).  That makes it a whopping 49 tribes now.  #worldtakeover


PR Day Tracker: Having trouble remembering how many reps you did?  Well lucky for you we have a lovely Google Doc HERE where you can note that information down and keep updated with your 2018 goals!

Friday 6/1 – 6am at Barnsdall …  HARRY POTTER THEMED!

Wednesday 6/6 – will be Global Running Day! – We’ll drop a hint at the workout route early next week so stay tuned 🙂

NP SUMMIT SUMMIT SUMMIT – September 15th-16th in Wisconsin. CHEESE.  This is a great time to meet other NP folks and you can run a solo race, relay race, relay with anothre tribe, etc. etc.  Check out this handy dandy Google Excel Doc for more logistics.  OH and to save $$, register right here! and use code “NP20” for 20% off.

6/10 – Better than Bedtime – Sunday June 10th at 6:27pm starting in Pan Pacific Park.  Deck out in your favorite colors! Think BRIGHT! And oh, Facebook Event HERE.

Fun Fact: It’s illegal to drive more than 2000 sheep down Hollywood Boulevard. Just in case you were trying to do that…

Do Good LA. 

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