beast mode (ORL)

when i heard that my esteemed co-leader dyani was going to be away on a sailboat this week, i thought it would be a great time to put my best #angelface forward and create a challenging, but simple, ladder workout i like to call the #beastmaker. it’s the kind of circuit that- if we’re doing it right, and being honest with ourselves- we’ll have spent 40 solid minutes engaging every muscle in our body (including the ones we use for smiling) by the time the last person rolls through that cheer tunnel.

and in ascending and descending multiples of five, we came together and unleashed our inner beasts with the only “downtime” being the familiar jog to and from the opposing docks. many of you might have been able to to go up to twenty and back down to five, multiple times. and a few of you modified the #beastmaker using the available benches or omitted the interstitial push ups. but however we finish the sequence, know that we leave the one hour we get together more hungry and more fierce than when we arrived. each time you show up and tap into your inner wild side, you earn the right to attack the rest of your wednesday with those good NP vibes.

yes, today’s air was thick with that wonderful florida humidity, and every one of us still drank it all in, even through the last #noweakcheeks burnout of the month: SALLY!

we welcomed some brave newbies, some brand new tribes (providence and newport, RI), and vinnie from NP philly (who will help lead you- if you #justshowup- through a special pop-up workout this friday in winter park. details below).


*CENT WARS pop-up workout on friday at 611am in central park (in winter park) by the harp fountain. enjoy a second helping of NP this week! tell your friends, and bring a shirt to tag with the special ¢ tag! you can find the facebook event here. and the google maps pin here.

*yearbook photos: don’t forget, next wednesday (june 6) is #globalrunningday! we will be taking yearbook photos to the theme of “tacky tourists”, so get your #grassrootsgear, fanny packs, churros, family t-shirts, and ponchos out for your very own digital keepsake!

*last day of #mayhomework: keep posting your push up videos and we will award two winners based upon the most unique, liked, and commented submissions on the social group and/or the main NP orlando page!

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