Marshmallows (NYC)

Wait! Is this how you spell marshmallows? It looks strange. 

4:30am – My alarm clock goes off. Wait! Who has an alarm clock anymore? My phone alarm goes off. I wake up and I’m confused. Why am I getting up? I went to bed at 1:00am. WTF? Wait! NP! Fuck! Hmm, maybe I can skip it? Paul will be there. POW and I Dream of Jeannie led Wednesday. I can sleep in.  I’m not needed. I haven’t slept in once for an NP workout over the last 24 months. I deserve a day off, right?

So I grabbed my phone to text Paul that he would be ridin’ solo this morning. I then had to text Billy that I wasn’t meeting him at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge to run over to the workout which was in Lower Manhattan.  Then it happened. I was checking facebook to see what was going on, I stumbled upon a video post from our fearless Indy leader, Bobbie. Bobbie posted a video of her on TV eating marshmallows. Is that really the way you spell marshmallow? Anyway, Bobbie’s video inspired me. Bobbie eating marshmallows on TV wearing #grassroots gear inspired me. Fuck, I have to go to NP this morning.



Thank you, Bobbie! Thank you for eating marshmallows on TV! Thank you for #JustShowing up every week for your Tribe. Thank you for getting my ass out of bed this morning.  I would’ve missed all of these beautiful people.

#weatherproof…..and #weekendearned
Billy, Thanks for being my accountabilibuddy this morning. Well, you and the marshmallows.


I’m having zero fun. None!
What are you looking at? We do this every day.
Us to!


Lircles for Life!

Have a great fucking weekend. See you next Wednesday for PR Day at Grott0. E86th Street and the East River. 5:28am and 6:28am.



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