PR Poker – (PHL)

Each week we train: whether it be to push ourselves faster, to get stronger, to build more meaningful friendships, to be the best (as we each define it) that we each can be.

We do PR day on Friday’s here in the PHL. A hilly 4k course up on Lemon Hill the last Friday of the month. As the first month of 2106 came to a close, I thought it might be fun to change up PR day a bit in the PHL. You see, some folks can run a 4k in 16 minutes, some in 20, some take closer to 30 minutes. This is what makes this community alive and well. What makes this community strong. What makes us beautiful. The first rule of November Project is that NP is for everyone, and I strive to find ways to keep it as such.

With that said.. How do you create a workout that is challenging for all running for PRs, while also keeping those members of the tribe who are indeed running a faster 4k engaged for an entire sub 60 min workout?

The answer I came up with is you play poker. Three card stud to be exact. How does this work? It’s pretty simple. Our 4k course is 3.5 loops around our ground on the hill. When a tribe member completes the 4k, they are given three cards (I used 5 decks and had them all mismatched together in a shoebox for ease). Everyone finishes the 4k, therefore everyone can win! The twist, if you want to keep running – GO ON! – for each additional loop completed that tribe member was given one additional card.  The rules apply, that you keep all of your cards, (some pulled up to seven) but at the end of the workout only three cards count. I chose a wildcard one the tribe was assembled for the group picture. Needless to say – we had two dudes who had 3 Kings and won the pot. This month that pot was a personalized #NP_PHL deck of cards and a fresh new yellow shirt tagged with our awesome NP logo! Who knows what it will be next month.

I got some great feedback from some tribe members so far and that truly made my day! Please know, the door is always open for feedback about what y’all like and don’t, be it good or not so good. We are strong because of each of you and what you bring to this tribe.

Thanks for pulling together today and embracing trying something new. You all earned your weekends and really killed it out there, all while having fun and it was my pleasure to spend the morning with you!

Enjoy your weekend, spread some extra love around, that stuff don’t cost a thing!




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