If your ass hurts, thank Vanessa – The Dojo Returns


Bruce Lee…

Jackie Chan…

Tony Ja…

Rocky, Colt, Tum Tum…

They can’t touch us with a 10 foot bow staff.

Today marked the triumphant return and re-boot of an NP_LAX staple: the ninja workout. So many of LA’s best hills are plagued with gorgeous houses overlooking the city’s finest vistas so, in order to capitalize on their real estate without the locals loosing precious sleep (or calling the cops), we shroud our bodies in black, arrive without a trace and stay completely silent, THE WHOLE TIME (well… nobody’s perfect).


The prospect stairs are no joke… like, zero joke. None at all. But the squad was chugging out those inclines, step by step. Sure, a middle finger or two was thrown my way, but always with a nice sweaty smile behind it, sometimes even a bow. And it was a particularly special cheer tunnel today, seeing as there were no cheers. Rather, the tribe was a fist-pumping, ass-kicking, judo-chopping bunch of silent but deadly fitness fools. I think it’s safe to say we all earned our breakfast tacos at Homestate. Thanks for the coffee too Rachel!!


So you guys know, ninja workouts are something that we co-leaders are going to be rolling out more and more. Next time, bring a black shirt that we can tag white or get in touch with Coach Steve and he’ll try to figure out a time when he can tag yo shizz. Ninja workouts are going to be big this year so get ready.

And, by the way, if you’re tired or your butt is sore or your legs don’t work anymore, thank Vanessa. Vanessa came to us and said “Hey! I know a great way for all of us to get completely shredded up by doing one of the hardest inclines on the East Side. I do it all the time and would love for a workout to be there.” So, we listened. In the future, please don’t hesitate to give us suggestions of great places to have Fridays. If there’s a hill you love to run in your hood, a staircase you found while walking your pup or just a mystical LA  spot you want to share with your tribe, please, let us know. We’re always looking to keep things fresh and most of the locations we’ve used frequently were brought to us by the tribe.


Ferocious work out there guys. Your ancestors are pretty psyched, they told me.


Charity Miles Round Up – Sunday 1/31 9am-11am – Echo Park Lake (Starting at the Statue): Join us for the final day of January and the chance to really put the nail in the coffin on this Charity Miles competition with NP_NYC. The tribe will be there throughout so come and go as you please. The lake loop is almost exactly a mile so do your training there, long runs and short runs alike!

MARATHON POSTER/TAGGING PARTY – Wednesday 2/10 7pm onward – Ben’s Place: Come make posters and tag shirts for all of our tribespeople (LAX and beyond) running the marathon. Bring shirts, bring poster paper, bring glitter, bring beers. 3712 Evans Street, Apt 6, LA, CA, 90027 – (860) 380 0953 <– We’ll be tagging in my garage so texting upon arrival is best.

MARATHON #CHEERGANG – Sunday 2/14 – Mile 18 (Santa Monica Bvd and Century Park East) – 8:30am: Pretty self explanatory. We’ll be acting like banshees on the sidelines for all of our workhorse friends. Mile 18 is a pretty rough spot for a lot of people so we’re going to be going completely bananas on their behalf with all the shit we made at the aforementioned event.



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