Mama Earth and Capt. Planet (DCA)

November Project DC is pretty down with the Earth. A lot of us run – feet to the earth, or cross state lines – bike wheels to the earth, to get to workouts. We play outside early in the morning and more on the weekends. Mama Earth, I think it’s safe to say, we’re into you.

Mama Earth, though, is heatin’ up and the people are just showing up. We’ve had some super fresh faces over the last week – and the coolest part is that these fresh, fresh faces are already becoming familiar. They’re back for their second, third and fourth workouts. They’re hooked on hugs and sunrises; they’re racers.


People are getting recruited at bar on Saturday night and showing up at 5:30am Wednesday morning. People are swiping right on Tinder, and getting told they should show up at 6:30am to see what free fitness is all about. Seriously. And it’s great.

Can you get someone off a treadmill and outside? Can you get someone to ditch their headphones (prime-time ear tickle opp), and meet someone new? Not to just get all the people at Lincoln, but to spread this community, to get more fit, to find another racer who’s going to hold you accountable and push you harder. Help someone else start their day off on a Lincoln-high! All’s fair in love and recruiting. The power is YOURS, Captain Planet might say.


Make like a hips-having, no-hands tree and hug someone today. Or recruit them and save that hug for a mid-bounce surprise.

Oh and if “growing up in the 80s” was a confusing statement to you, this is for you.

FRIDAY is HERE: 6th and Howard Place NW 6:30AM #EarnYourWeekend (& bring a friend)


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