The tribe is strong and famous.

You should probably get the Star Tribune today.  You might see your pretty face.


It's a good read.
It’s a good read.

Even though winter decided to give one  last encore before summer rolls in, when the sun rose today we found ourselves running through liquid gold.  It was one of those mornings were you actually can’t take a bad picture.  Ian was super excited to have his mediocre camera skills so augmented by sunlight.

The workout?  Thirty minutes of our favorite hill wrapped in a warm blanket of burpees, donkey-kicks, mountain climbers, and flying Dutchmen.  Donkey-kicks are one of the newest additions to our arsenals, and they’re generally AWESOME.  This is what they look like.


Quite a few people (*ahem* Manja) insisted on finishing their hill rep at the end, after the clock stopped.  The only response to that is fuck. Yeah.  That’s grit.

Manja bringing it home.
Manja bringing it home.


Natalie handed the positivity award off to Jered Tucker, resident tall-person expert of NPMSP and all-round wonderful guy.  He plans to spend the week carving it into a heavily-stylized flute.  We’re excited to see the results.


Natalie counting off the reasons Jered's a good dude.
Natalie counting off the reasons Jered’s a good dude.

Jessica Heisel walked away with the lumberjack award, and the crumbled remains of our beloved hill, which she CRUSHED today.

Hope to see you all Sunday at New Bohemian from 3-5 to for Running w/ Scissors.  Seriously, bring your scissors.  Try jogging with them, if it moves you.  Live a little.  For a jog meet at Mill City at 2:30.

The Tribe is strong.  And also a little famous.

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