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There are hard days, easy days, happy days, sad days, hot days, cold days, funny days, & funky days. No matter what type of day, week, or year you’re having, November Project aspires to give you the opportunity to briefly pause from the obligations and burdens that distract us from the beauty and hope that comes with each new day.

In that brief pause, we hope that you smile, exhale, and soak in all the magnificence that surrounds you. Whether it’s in the glow of the rising sun, the embrace of a new friend, or the excitement of a budding romance, we hope that through November Project you gain the swagger and grounded-ness to appreciate those little things that make life tick.

I was enlightened at the close of today’s workout, as we were entertained by a Positivity Award handoff that encapsulated this November Project movement. Over the weekend, Dylan completed his first race and he carried the positivity award alongside. Maybe, NP gave him the push he needed to step outside of his comfort zone and challenge himself on the race course. Maybe, NP didn’t, and he’s just playing us, but I’ll continue to dream. Erick was poked and prodded by his gf, Christine, for a year to show up to NP. Now we can only count on one hand the days that he has missed.

Within our little November Project family of transplants and thrill seekers here in Denver, we all know that if you Just Show Up on any given day, you may redirect the trajectory of your day, month, or year, one High-5 Push-Up at a time, and that makes the Lieutenant General very proud.


Lt Flanniel

FRI 530/615 Convention Center Stairs. (Speer & Champa)

November Project Denver
November Project Denver
November Project Denver 530
November Project Denver 530/Flipped
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